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Asians are one of the most searched categories and one of the most sought after models in the adult entertainment industry. But why are the Asian women such crowd favourites? As you may have seen, these women are submissive and are fit, qualities that men love especially when it comes to sex. Another quality that men love are women with massive tits, those perfect rounds that bounces whenever they are pounded in their pussies and whenever they ride a cock, those melons that they could squeeze together while they insert their cocks in-between and use it to jerk off.

Now combine those two together and you will have the perfect formula to lure the viewers of adult entertainment sites, Asians with massive tits. AVTits is the adult entertainment site that was able to capture what the audience wants, they have hundreds of hot Asian models with massive melons who would let their partners do anything that they want, no holds barred. AVTits will show you just how hot and sexy these Asian models could be no matter how submissive they could get in their scenes.

Site Content

The site is powered by JHDV and has been around for years, as of to date they have about 2,000 plus high definition videos, 97,225 high-resolution pictures and around 816 gorgeous Asian models. They have a simple white background that does not distract you from the site’s contents. It is also very easy to navigate because all the links that you would need in order to operate the site is available at the homepage of the website, at the top right corner of the page you will see the link for their videos, the link to view the profiles of their models, the categories that they have available, the sites that you can access for free once you become a member of the site, their link for their site’s biography and their customer support link wherein you can reach their customer support representative through phone or through email, they are available 24/7 to help you out with any concern or questions.

All of their videos are arranged in rows and columns and can be viewed once you scroll down, you will be able to see the title of the videos which includes the names of the models involved, you can also see the run time of the videos, their videos run usually from 15 to 30 minutes and you can also view the number of likes that each video got from the other members. Their videos can be converted and can be downloaded, they are also all compatible with different devices such as phones and tablets. You can use their fast streaming option when you view their videos on their site or you can also use their mobile version of the site on your phone, it is as easy to navigate and it is also user-friendly.

Actresses & Video Quality

The site has around 816 models all in all but when you look at their link in order to view the profiles of the models, you will only see the top models and they are about 351 all in all, their names are arranged neatly by numbers. Once you click on the name of the model you will be able to see her profile picture, a short clip of her best scene, you can read a short introduction about her and at the left side you will be able to see their statistics like their height, weight, breast size, measurements, breast factor, hair colour, eye colour, birth date, birth place, ethnicity and their official website if any.

As a member of the site you can rate these gorgeous Asian models; one of the top models on the site is Mayuka Akimoto. Mayuka currently has an eightyfive percent rating, she has natural massive tits and is best known for her blowjob skills. She also has a sensual voice that you can clearly hear in her videos once she starts moaning. Another model on the site is Sara Yurikawa, currently she has a sixty-eight percent rating from the members. Sara, who also has natural breasts, is known for her threesome performances and role plays, she also loves to play with herself and use sex toys to please herself and her audience, she also loves it when her partners eat her out and make her cum, she also knows how to please her partners by giving them the best blowjob that they could get, and to top it off she also swallows their seed. These are just some of the ladies that you could view and watch on the site, there are hundreds more and you can check them out under the models link and you can access them once you become a member of the site.

In Few Words

Asian porn has been making its name in the adult entertainment industry for years and it has already garnered a solid fan base. But if you are looking for a site that will give you the hottest Asian porn action then AVTits is the site for you, they not only give you the most gorgeous Asian models on the web but they also got those with the most impressive sex skills and massive tits. All these elements make an incredible adult entertainment video and these are exclusive on this site.

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