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One of the most hardcore MILF porn sites from the Team Skeet network, bad MILFs is going to be a great addition to your everyday dose of sexy MILF porn. This new site that was launched just around this year, 2017, is giving away a handful of HD MILF porn, from blowjob scenes to nasty threesome actions. The entire Team Skeet is also generous to give away the entire network sites to every member!

Site Content

Bad MILFs gives a good impression in its landing page by showing us immediately what a potential member would like to see. There are pictures and sample videos everywhere in the page that will surely spark some interests on whoever has a pervy mind lurking around. The sample videos come along with a title, the girls who starred in the video, the number of likes, the number of favorites and the date it was uploaded. If you hover on the large section where a screenshot from the video sits, you will see several other screenshots being transitioned. There are around six sample videos in the homepage. At the upper right corner, you will notice a menu bar where you can see other options like “Scenes”, “Girls”, “Members Login” and “Create my Account”. If you hover on each links, the text will change from white to pink. If you select on the scenes, you will be redirected to a page, which displays more interesting information about the videos in the homepage.

In addition to the information in the homepage, you can see the summary of the video, the duration of the video and the number of views. There are also some videos that come along with photo sets. On the other hand, if you select the Girls link, you will be redirected to a page, which displays a couple of models in the site. The page displays the girl’s picture and her name. If you click on her picture, you will be redirected to her main profile where you can get some personal information about her such as her age, height, measurements and the videos that she starred on. You can sort the models too! The options that you have are: “All Models”, “MILF” and more. We all know that Bad MILFs wouldn’t be as exciting as it is without these hot amateur porn stars that play as the gals in every scene.

Too much for the landing page, you won’t be able to find everything there. Instead, you can login to your profile if you already have an account or if not, you can start off by creating your account. The registration is fast and easy. Once registered or logged in, you will be redirected to the entire Team Skeet network. Yes! That’s right! Signing up to Bad MILFs will automatically grant you an access to the entire collection of the site. Don’t worry because you can easily find the videos from Bad MILFs because the site has a dropdown menu which contains all the sites in the network. Just like every homepage, you will have all the latest updates in this section of the site. If you want to narrow down your options and everything that you can see in the screen, you can filter the videos according to the sites.

There are currently over 12 videos and 12 photo sets in Bad MILFs’ collection. Each video approximately lasts for 40 minutes each, while the photo sets are around 150 pictures each. All contents are exclusive and there is no download limit in the site. The same policy goes if you want to download contents from the rest of the sites from the network. You can possibly download videos with a resolution as high as 1920×1080 with an mp4 file format. For the flash players, you can watch videos as high as 1280×720. The photos on the other hand are 1280×960 and can be downloaded in zip files.

Actresses & Video Quality

You can find really hot models from all ages here. From cute and charming fresh-faced amateur porn stars to horny and wild MILFs, you got everything that you need in one video. These good looking models know how to deliver sexy scenes. You can expect a lot of hardcore stuffs here like double blowjob, shared cum shot, dick grinding, and even some girl to girl action! With the kind of storyline that Bad MILFs have, you can always expect threesomes in all the videos. There’s going to be a lot of action with the MILF, the gals and the male porn actor.

In one of the videos that I saw, the hot MILF tries to seduce her gal’s boyfriend secretly. While she went on doing some nasty things behind her gal’s back, she eventually convinced the male actor to have sex with her. You can clearly see how the male actor was turned on by this MILF’s magic touches through his erected dick underneath his pants. Things began to grow more exciting when the gal came into the scene and joined the fun. Both porn actresses took turn pleasing the guy by giving him blowjobs one after the other. The scene progresses to climax and the three of them had their own share of fun. It’s a brand new level seeing these kinds of videos from the Team Skeet network.

In Few Words

I am impressed with the kind of output the Team Skeet network has achieved since the day they launched this brand new site. Bad MILFs has already gained so much popularity in the porn industry because of the quality of videos and the great selection of models that it has. The storyline is also clearly well-thought of and there’s no doubt how every scenes could really take you to a different dimension. What I like the most in the scenes is that they have the capability to drive your imaginations very wild that you just can’t stop with one or two videos. You just have to keep on watching until you fall from jerking your throbbing dick dry.

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