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If you love to indulge in animated porn comics or story books where adventures are far-fetched but interesting, where the women characters are hot and sizzling and during the course of their adventures they engage in some steamy sex action with the humans they come up against, then we have a web forum which might just suffice your needs. The website goes by the name of BE Story Club and here you will find some of the most outrageous adventures and also some of the hottest women characters, which you have ever come across in any similar content providing website. The term BE denotes breast expansion and that seems to be the common trait in all of the stories. These women have the ability to enlarge their already big breasts even more. In some stories you will also find these women using their jugs to fight off evil doers as well as some awkward or heinous looking creatures. Yes, I know some of these things do appear to be far-fetched but there is no denying the fun which you will get after you go through it. The existing members of the website along with the many who have checked out the website like to call it breast expansion novellas. The contents in the website are quite good and comprise of superb graphics and illustrations to make the thing appealing more to the eyes. The stories revolve around girls who get caught up in some crazy world filled with unexpected action and at they move forward and face the challenges which come their way, their clothes tear off bit by bit. Eventually in some point of the story they become naked of semi-naked revealing their fuckable figures and suckable breasts. Since this is a porn novella, sex does take place through-out the story. When I visited the website, there were a lot of things which caught my eyes. Firstly one would have to applaud the fabulous work which the website designers and the cartoonists have done. They have created the entire thing so beautifully and have given so much life to these contents that reading it will surely make your dicks hard. It is mainly because of their skills and hard work why the website has such a favourable name in the online world. The characters are big, the ladies are scintillating, their boobs are huge and the texts and illustrations are unique, catchy and easily visible. This to me was the main highlight of the website and I was literally left spell-bound. Apart from this, there are some cool options which intrigued me like apart from the concept of breast expansion the stories also involve mental transformation, hair growth, penis enlargement and also lactation. The website is easy to navigate and there is one cool option which allows you to check out works and details of a particular writer or cartoonist, just so if you want to. The website does have a wonderful collection in its arsenal and setting up an account will definitely prove to be fruitful for your porn comic cravings.

Site Content

As already stated the website is quite easy to navigate. All the important menu options and navigation keys are displayed right at the top of the website. By just a single click you can check out whatever part of the website you want to. The home page comprises of some stunning screen shots from some of the popular stories just to let you know about the quality of the website. As you move down the home page, you will find some boxes having some of the popular books along with their prices. Moving further down, you will find a subscription area which allows you to set up your membership account. There are four ways by which you can set it up- you can do it with your Twitter account, your Facebook account, Google account and also with your email account. Also in that very place you will find an option which on clicking will open up a window having all the subscription options. Just go with the package which appeals to you as well as your wallet and set up your account. There is another cool option which you can tend to. Say if you want to know about some writer as well as a cartoonist, you can simply browse that search index and find out whatever you want to know about him. However one disappointing thing about the website is its lesser number of updates. There are no fixtures and that is what has disallowed the website to attain more scalability and popularity in the online world.

Actresses & Video Quality

This website is mainly about porn comics and so it is quite obvious that there will not be any videos available. However the contents which are available are quite good. The characters are large, the women are sexy and have the ability to expand their boobs outrageously. The stories are also quite interesting and comprise of amazing adventures. The women during their course of time lose their attires and become naked revealing their awesome figures and engage in sex with the people whom they come in contact with. The cartoons are big and are beautifully portrayed. The texts and illustrations are also quite appealing to the eyes. In simple words they make way for great reading. There are about 260+ stories and all of them are easily downloadable in PDF formats. However one irritating thing which you will find here is that there is a download limit of about 15 comics in one month. So you will have to pick your stories very carefully. However there is another way which you can cater to. You can download stories even after your limit exceeds but for that you would have to pay for them individually.

In Few Words

As a final say, the website offers great value for money. The packages are attractive, the stories are interesting and the women are exceptionally hot. So log in, apply for membership and enjoy the crazy adventures which the website offers.

This site has been closed, but you can find similar content on BE Story Club.


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