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This is a thrilling and at the same time dangerous gay porn platform, which guarantees BDSM and raunchy sex in sets that it labels “no mercy, absolute sleaze”. The platform is huge, original, and provides something very distinct and very top quality for internet enthusiast searching for quality gay BDSM. Submissive bottoms go through a salacious series of embarrassing, distressing, dirty, and out-and-out brutal events by their tops, dudes brimming with lust, vigour, muscles, and which are very hairy.

Site Content

BrutalTops is pretty basic and simple in its design. This simplicity makes it simple to handle, even if you are a new visitor. I love the black background they have employed. Not only is it easy on the eyes and brain, but also matches well with the theme here. The mobile version of the site is very responsive. All functions are prompt and there is no lagging when moving around the site.

Movie downloads are accessible in both low and high bandwidth h.264 and WMV file. Users can as well view the entire film in an in built streaming video player from their browser. This Flash player functions well and I did not notice any buffering. Beneath the movie alternatives find screen caps and images from the scene. They are full sized and are good to look at. They entail elegance and you have them saved in your external storage devices in zipped files. If you choose not to download, then there is the option to view the images in a slideshow.

Actors & Video Quality

Oh my gash! This is one brutal porn site. The platform comprises differing stages of degradation, form normal fisting, jizz gagging, to piss, compelled worship, and even spanking and smashing. I can assert that the brutality is down to a tee. The scenes begin with the sex pig bottom strapped up or on the ground while one, two, or even three greedy tops hover over him wearing evil smiles. Reliant to the kind of degradation they get things started promptly. Every scene has its own height of amusement with normal beating and wild housing with the submissive bottoms. Getting hit around is the least of their concerns. These brutal tops entirely mock the slaves until they are actually broken or howling.

I saw this bad top named Darren. Well, he has got quite some fine looks. I give credit where it is due. However, that smile of his is deceitful. See him maniacally chuckle while performing his horny impish deeds. Chuckling when a piss soaked bottom is compelled to slaver on his damp butt, while he pithily reaches around and hits him on his face. He appears so amused to be in charge and sincerely likes seeing his bottom dudes beg. They have included pre scene and post action interviews where the cast gets to talk about their experience. Members will get to know what these folks are thinking as they go through some of the weirder sets; whatever they loved and totally despised.

In Few Words

In conclusion, this platform is not for everybody, however, they have gathered an awesome place for folks who have something for such smut. Wild tops mock and degrade their submissive victims in every weird manner you could ever think of. Await to watch plenty of spanking, foot fetish, physical smacking, and rough ass ploughing. Hey, it is not bad to be awful sporadically.

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