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Ahh, shemales. Aren’t they always the best? Especially if you’re bisexual, you get what you want from both a guy and a girl. You’re like hitting two birds with one stone, or drinking coffee with creamer. Only this time, you get 2 kinds of milk, the one that comes from a guy’s dick, and the one that comes from a girl’s tits. Both of these, embodied in 1! Isn’t that amazing? Of course you’d want to jump on and have sex with them, you’re gonna get the pleasure that’s unlike any other. However, it’s so rare to find them, let alone get a chance to fuck them. So what are you gonna do, just give up like that? Fam, there’s this site that will let you fap to them. It’s ButtFuckTranny! It’s the site where you can find not just shemales, but very hot and sexy shemales. Not only that, they do stuff that you usually couldn’t do, even in normal sex with girls! They do this just for pleasure, as they don’t mind having more than just 1 partner, whether it be a guy or another shemale. They’re just amazing, and you’ll find them all in ButtFuckTranny!

Site Content

This site is very unique. I mean, even the content is unique, how much more the site itself. For one, right off the bat, you’re starting with the Home page which is frankly already unique already as it is also the page that asks you whether or not you want to enter the site. Once you enter, you get to see a whole lot of content, a lot of pictures concerning these sexy shemales get it on with each other or some other boys. It’s pretty good. Also, this site also operates using tabs, and it’s divided into 5 tabs, namely Home, Latest Updates, All Models, Login Here and Instant Access.

The Home tab was already discussed a while ago. Also, if you’re in another page, if you do click on the Home tab you’ll be redirected to that message prompting you to go in. Kinda unique, isn’t it? In the Latest Updates tab, you’re going to see all of the updates in the site, from the newest up until the very first videos in the site. You’re gonna see all of those hot shemales that starred in each of those videos by clicking on the All Models tab. You’re gonna see that these models are simply extraordinary. You can see more info about them when you click their pictures. Try it and learn something awesome. The Login Here tab shows the way in which you can log in to the site if you’re already a member. As you can see, all this good and unique content will obviously cost you. But don’t fret, if you become a member you’re going to see all these good and unique sites and you’re not going to regret ever paying for this site.

Actresses & Video Quality

ButtFuckTranny, as was mentioned, is a site that features very sexy shemales doing hardcore porn. The models that they use in the videos are very hot. They’re shemales with long hair, with their tits ranging from big and full to being cute and perky. These shemales also have shown that their cocks are not one but just for decoration, but they’re fully functional. Most of the models used are Latinas, though there are of course shemales from all around the globe. There are not only shemales that are present but also male performers, as of course, this is a site that’s dedicated to showing the uniqueness of shemales, and what better way to show all of this than to show the guys too? These guys are also very hot and are rather hunky, but there are also unique guy performers too. All of these guys have one thing in common though, and that is that they pack a huge revolver down there.

When it comes to the performances, you’ll see that these shemales perform with almost anyone, no matter who they are and no matter how many there are. You’ll often find shemale to shemale action, sometimes shemales and guys, sometimes very hot threesomes featuring one guy and 2 shemales, 2 guys and one shemale or simply they’re all shemales. You’ll find these very hot shemales blow other guys or shemales and getting blown as well. They’re prolific, they suck 2 dicks at once or more, and they ride your cock like they’re riding a rodeo machine, really wild. Also, all of these are presented without any drama or plot, they’re just pure sex scenes. No romance, no bullcrap included. In terms of video quality, these videos are available in MP4 format, with each download offered in 2 to 4 sizes. The sharpest quality can reach up to 1080p, and the least is 480p. This size is the ideal size for mobiles though. Yes, you’ve read it. It’s available for mobiles. You can now carry with you your love for shemale porn.

In Few Words

This site is just the site for you especially when it comes to those shemales. This site is really unique and amazing, even for most porn standards. However, this site doesn’t come with no flaws, of course there are a few flaws here and there. For example, when you access the trial version, you only get to see 4 videos and that’s it. Also, it can be a bit cluttered when it comes to the videos as these can get mixed up with the videos from the bonus site, so you won’t get to see what you need immediately. Luckily, these are but little things compared to what you can get. There are also quick fixes for it. For the latter, you just have to categorize it according to the site, and when you get the site right you can look up the categories for you to be able to see what you want. For the former, well, simply just become a site member! There’re just so many things that you can get in the site. You get your lust for shemales satiated here in this site! It’s all in ButtFuckTranny, people.

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