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The moment you open up Club Sandy the first thing you will see is three luscious almost completely naked women cavorting in lesbian pleasure on a couch. One of them is on her back having her pussy licked by another woman who is sitting on the floor next to the couch. The other is having her pussy worked over by the one laying on the couch. It is a triad made in heaven if you like to watch lesbians at play! Now the reason this site is called Club Sandy is that Sandy is world renowned pornstar in Europe, and of course this site is dedicated to her with her starring of course. You will get the idea very quickly as to what this site is going to be all about when you open their start page. You will scroll down slowly to see it all of course, and the first thing that is going to strike you is the fact that there is going to be some sizzling lesbian stuff going on here! One picture after another contains a bevy of lesbians all doing what lesbians do to one another. One might infer from this that the entire site is going to be all lesbian, however as one scrolls down a wee bit further, one finds that there is also some action with men as well as women, for one finds a picture of Sandy busily at work getting it from not one guy, but two as one is fucking her ass while another male is pounding her pussy at the same time. All of this is taking place poolside, and one wonders if that kind of thing is not happening around all pools around the world? Of course, it’s not happening around my pool!

Site Content

This particular site utilizes the 21Sextury Network as many good porn sites do, and what is most exciting about that is that the 21Sextury Network sites will be included when you join Club Sandy. This is great news for those into good porn as this network is a specialist in fabulous European porn. In addition, the amount of other sites that are in the network are amazing. You see, there are over 40 sites being offered along with Club Sandy! All of this for one low price too! And speaking of price, you have more surprises coming at you. Now, let’s talk about the price you will pay for all this.

Actresses & Video Quality

One of the first things we noticed about the site was that all of the men and women were obviously European for they have that beautiful fine chiseled look about their faces that Europeans have. Granted though that these are all models, thus the bodies are all incredible, including Sandy’s! You’ll find that Sandy is absolutely gorgeous with long blonde hair, the look of the glamor model that she is. She carries herself like a model should, being always amazingly graceful even when she’s performing some of the raunchiest sex scenes imaginable. Speaking of her sex scenes you will find that Club Sandy covers the gamut when presenting us with sex. That means that you will find solo presentations where Sandy plays with herself and eventually utilizes all kinds of toys in herself for your enjoyment. Well, not just yours, she sure appears to be having complete and total pleasure! We’ve already covered that toys are involved, but what we still did not tell you is that often you will find some amazingly hot group sex! When that occurs, there is often a mix of sex games going on. There are literally hundreds of women presented on the site, thus you will see lesbians feeding on each other, males going down on females, actual fucking in pussies, and even ass fucking sometimes followed by blow jobs! If we left anything out, well it will just be a special treat for you! All of the models are positively stunning since they are all glamorous. One of the things we particularly noted was that all of the models sported sun tans which definitely makes their bodies appear more fetching. The women were all pretty much slender and of course they all had the roundest, firmest breasts possible. Apparently their asses were all tight, as when they were ass fucked the look of wild pleasure came over the men’s faces. As is the custom today in all the porn we see, all of the pussies were all immaculately shaved down to their pristine assholes, of course.

In Few Words

You have yet another surprise coming when we speak about pricing, for the price for all that you will get is amazingly low. Not only that, but there are various options that you will surely like to see. The 21Sextury Network bills itself as the best pornstar network of the Internet, yet they offer you these spectacular choices: a one day trial of the site offered for only $0.95! Or, you may prefer to go on a monthly basis, offered at only $24.95 per month. Perhaps you would instead prefer to go on a quarterly basis. This will run you $19.98 per month with $58.95 due every quarter of course. Finally, you may like to go on a yearly basis instead. This will run at $9.95 per month though you do have that yearly payment of $119.40 due just once! No matter which payment method you decide upon, we are sure you will simply love getting Club Sandy. After all, it has everything you could want in a porn site!

This site has been deleted from the 21Sextury network, visit our top porn site reviews page to choose another membership.

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