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CzechExperiment is one of the finest sites for hardcore porn films. These sluts perform some sociological experiments that are unthinkable, they fuck random dudes they barely know. Just to be a part of the experiments you will wish to stroll down the streets of Czech. These girls approach the dudes, and run to the closest discreet locale to bang.

Site Content

CzechExperiment has a pretty basic and very tidy site design. A round of applause to the owners here. Navigating around the site is a bliss. I did move from one web page to the next very quickly. The site’s layout is exceptional, all the tabs are arranged very well and do come with textual descriptions. I love the user-interface as it is very friendly, and that is it. My first time on the site, I did not encounter any problem moving around.

The films accessible on CzechExperiment at present can be viewed in the browser through an in-built Flash player. The streaming speeds are incredible. Also, you can download the movies to your external storage devices and watch them later on a wide screen. There are no DRM restrictions so that users can download the flicks unceasingly. The photos are coming in high resolutions, and the galleries can be saved in zipped folders. If you do not have enough space on your hard drive, you can view the images online in a slideshow.

Actresses & Video Quality

The experiment ensuing involves watching what happens when a hottie requests a stranger on the street to bang her. The chicks are at times lucky when the dudes accept, and other times dudes reject the offer, who does that? Subjectively, I would never deny a chance when offered free pussy. These tantalizing scenes are enjoyable.

Folks, will you walk away if a tantalizing beau stopped you and requested you to fuck her? And later asks you to find a secretive spot nearby and bang her? Chicks, do you presume many dudes would walk away from such a demand? From what I did find is that girls and boys in Czech are always horny.

The producers do send beautiful girls out on the streets with secret microphones on their bodies and records from an undisclosed location as they attempt to search for a dude to bang them. In the sets, I had a peep, and the initial dude or two they spoke with ended up rejecting the offer. However, there was a dude who would accept without hesitation.

These sets comprise a mix of voyeur and reality scenes, where the camera guy films at a distance. They do offer users a lot to enjoy, apart from only looking at these experimental sets, as there are also about thirty bonus Czech AV network websites to browse, taking in Czech Mega Swingers and Czech Casting. It is evident that they feature chicks from the Czech Republic.

The video quality is amazing. I did find that they offer films in Windows Media Video coming in HD resolutions of 1280 x 720 and bitrates of 3100Kbps. The second format was MP4 films. MP4s came in 704 x 396 pixels together with bitrates of 1200Kbps. There is also a third format, Flash videos, which came in HD display of 1280 x 720 pixels.

In Few Words

CzechExperiment is all about Czech females fucking local males within seconds. Visualize yourself just strolling down an alley in Prague and then this chick bumps into you and seduces you to bang her dripping cherry just like that. Also, imagine yourself secretly watching and then getting off while horny lovers get down and dirty in the woods. Either way, the site has crazy and fun-filled material, and you should have a peek.

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