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CzechSharking is the best sexy public porn site to watch if you are into “sharking”. Sharking is not exactly common in some parts of the world but they are being adapted as some sort of fetish subculture. It is the act of pulling down an unsuspecting female’s upper or lower clothing. It can be referred to as low sharking for the pants and high sharking for the top. Sure, it may not sound as serious as people claim it should be but if happens to real people, without being staged, it could get a little exciting, more so, if you add nudity to the equation.

CzechSharking is part of the Czech AV network, where they house plenty of other great porn sites that are filmed in Czech. It starts out with a guy looking for a woman to target, as his other friend has his camera at the ready. As soon as they find their possible victim, they then do their deeds, like the naughty guys they are. Of course, the women are livid, all the more reason to believe that this site right here caters to non-staged scenes. The site was launched in November 2012 and primarily focuses on reality porn, European women, and public nudity. If it is sharking you want, in here, it is all the best sharking you will get.

Site Content

CzechSharking has a rather simple website design that pairs well with their super easy navigation system. Their user interface is simple to comprehend and is user-friendly. The entire website is beneficial and convenient to those who are members here. They have a black and red color scheme and their overall layout is not cluttered at all. The site has links on both the top part of the page and the sidebar. Since the site is not all that big yet, it is easy to skim through all their video collections.

The site does not have any supported photo sets but they do have video caps to top it off. The videos can be commented on or even rated, and each specific scene has a timestamp for how long it will last. Each scene also has a description that goes along with it, so you would know what to expect before anything else, but without giving anything away. Browsing here is not what I consider challenging since you will have various options. You can sort them out using their dates, titles, or popularity. You can also use the advanced search bar for a more detailed searching experience.

The pagination link is also quite helpful if you want to skim through everything. For updates, they are going inconsistently but they are adding as much as they can every few weeks. If you feel like the initial number of scenes is not enough for you, do not fret because aside from your CzechSharking membership perks, you will have access to a lot of bonus sites that are under the same network for free. You will have access to Czech Casting, Czech AV, Czech Amateurs, Czech Massage, and 19 more other sites. Having access to these sites will also give you access to all their content, in which case, you will have access to almost thousands of hardcore porn scenes aside from the ones in CzechSharking.

Actresses & Video Quality

The girls that you will be seeing half naked here are from Czech Rep. but so are the guys that are ballsy enough to commit this kind of deed. The girls are picked by the men at random, those that they deem good enough, so there really isn’t a specific type being targeted here. The women are all really good looking and they are hot enough to be desired upon; they are also obviously amateurs if the entire event is staged at some point (which I doubt is). Sharking is the name of the game here and the game masters seem to be these guys who take turns in doing the sharking, while the rest films their escapades.

At first you would think these are staged but you would think differently as soon as you see the girls’ angry faces and reactions. Despite their disposition during the whole event, the boys still have decent quality videos to present to the members of their site. You can choose to watch the scenes in your browser via streaming or download them to your device in mp4 format. All the 40+ scenes in the site can be viewed in 1280 x 720 pixel resolution or 768 x 576 pixel resolution. The scenes last for 3 to 5 minutes each. There is no download limit and all the contents here are highly exclusive.

In Few Words

I thought sharking was not much of a thing despite it being entertaining and unique, so imagine how happy I was when I found out that there is actually a porn site dedicated to it. Sharking is a light fetish subculture and as tame as it sounds, it really is a great fetish. If you are into gorgeous girls being sharked in the middle of a bustling city, this is the best place for you. Not only do you get videos in great quality, you have tons videos to choose from and enjoy, as well as features to relish upon. I am definitely recommending this one.

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