On the DanskePar you can enjoy some hot couples’ porn videos, whom shot it on purpose, for cash and for your entertainment. You might find it that these hot Danish couples are putting on a great show and the sex they perform is not just arousing, but pretty nasty sometimes. As a European porn site, the DanskePar’s videos cover some heavy hardcore niches, and in the collection you will see real variety. It’s not an old site, the DanskePar has been around for three years now, and as far as it can be detected, it doesn’t have an update schedule: the videos arrive when they do. This means that sometimes there are new flicks everyday throughout the week, while on other occasions there might be weeks between fresh additions. However, there is a lot to see in the members’ zone, because the site belongs to the SexAdGang network, and by becoming a member here, you also become a member to all sites of this family.

There are 11 additional porn sites for you to browse, though you don’t have to visit them separately, the members’ one is surprisingly good-looking and works very nicely. The included sites cover various porn niches, from anal to facials and there are some solo sites, where some really hot Danish porn starlets are showing off their body, and engage in sexually explicit, and really nasty adventures. Watching from the States, the videos of the DanskePar may seem to be exclusive, and let’s just settle with that, because in that aspect they are indeed unique. However, you should note that some scenes come from DVDs which you may purchase in… Denmark, if you care to go through all the trouble with ordering.

Site Content

Taking the tour around the DanskePar is just a matter of seconds: open the page, scroll down, and when you reach the bottom, you are done. If you know what you are looking for however, this tour enough to see whether you can find it here or not. Naturally, the inner section is much better. There will be several options for you to sort the scenes, even a search option is available. From the side-menu you can reach out network-wide, and you can always sort the list to show you what’s currently hot. Some ads appear in the members’ zone, but it’s positive that they are not that annoying. When you join the site, you get unlimited access to the content. You can save the scenes or watch them as many times you want.

There isn’t much difference between in-browser and offline watching, because the quality is usually the same, though if you don’t like waiting, you should use download managers or watch the videos online. There is a pretty great picture collection too that you can browse. In your browser you can open the videos and go through them one by one, but you save them you can set up a slideshow if you want, zip files are available.

Actresses & Video Quality

In case you have a crush on European cuties, but you don’t want to always watch the nasty doings of those ever-famous Czech and Russian girls, you might find the DanskePar’s collection to be a relief after the other Euro-chick focuses pages. These couples you can see in the site’s videos seem to be actual amateur couples doing some porn, probably for cash, and they really seem to enjoy it. Those who like European girls will surely appreciate this definite collection of Danish girls, because there are hardly any sites focusing on the girls of Denmark. As you can see the majority of the models are Caucasians, but there are some unexpected chicks too: Asians and even Black girls might appear in the site’s (and the network’s) videos.

There are lots of blondes here, but those who like dark-haired girls and brunettes will find some cute girls to watch. So far it seems that most of the hotties are natural beauties, and they are just the ones you need, especially if you are tired of the all-fake breast of the US porn stars. At first glance you might find the site to be focusing on only hot and fresh girls, but as you dig deeper, you may see some nasty and gorgeous MILFs too.

The couples usually talk about themselves a bit, then they get it on, so you might just skip the interviews if you are looking for the sex. So, as far as the actual intercourses are concerned, they are not just arousing but really varied. In most cases the couples are doing in a couch, so cowgirl, doggy and missionary positions are expected, though in a few cases other, bit more acrobatic positions are also taken. The guys are average lads, so don’t expect here monstrous sizes, but these lads are horny and they give the girls what they are asking for. Some videos even have some fetish elements too, like fishnets, stockings are staying on the girls while they are getting banged nicely by their man. Since these are semi-professional videos, they are also pretty long, thus you will be kept busy for the time being.

In Few Words

At first, the DanskePar may not seem to be a good site. The tour is too simple, and whoever enhanced the photos fall to the other and used that brush too much, and so the pictures feel fake. However, when you enter you will find yourself at an honest page, with hot content. Thought the majority of the scenes are in SD, they look pretty fine, and they are all quite enjoyable. Anyone looking for European, but not Russian or Czech, porn should give the site, and the network a try, because these are very hot videos.

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