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EmoSexGfs is one of the best amateur porn websites to watch, most specifically if you enjoy watching goth girls naked and a little too excited about cock and everything that comes right after a wonderfully performed blowjob. This user-submitted porn site not only features gorgeous and amateur goth girls, with their dark makeup and sexy body piercings, they are sure to put a little spunk on every content there is in here. There is not much content that showcases beautiful hardcore porn but there are quite a number of softcore ones in here that are sure to still give you the proper erection and boner.

In addition, a variety of camera selfies are compiled in here but they are more than just the pretty faces of these cute ladies: naked photos here and there are part of the reason why this porn site is an amazing place to be. EmoSexGfs was launched only in August 2011 by 35 PPS and they are under a rather famous network so they are easy to notice. They take on well known and embraced niches which includes goth girls, amateur porn, and porn videos.

Site Content

EmoSexGfs has a simple site design but it functions all too well. The navigation here is pretty simple to utilize, more so, understand. The site interface is very user-friendly and pretty straightforward; plus, the arrangement is very much well-kept and organized. Links are found easily and are in obvious places so it is not hard to locate them. Also, browsing is very easy in here since you get plenty of options like the advanced search bar on the top or the pagination link for a more efficient way of searching things. You can sort the content out by their dates and titles, as well. You may add comments on the videos and rate them.

The site also houses more than 200 photo sets that contain 50 hi-res photos inside. You can download them in zip files or have them saved individually. Needless to say, downloading both photos and videos do not have a limit. Aside from your already awesome membership in here, you will have free access to 12 bonus sites that are under the same network. Being able to do so will also enable you to access the rest of their content and that is a good enough reason to celebrate. On the other hand, EmoSexGfs is an exclusive site so rest assured, you will not be finding their content anywhere else.

Actresses & Video Quality

A vast number of goth girls dominate the scene in here and they are all pretty rad with their dark hair, smokey eye makeups, their somber tattoos, and their rather intricate body piercings. Well, that is not the only thing that makes them look honestly wonderful. These girls are truly beautiful and their bodies speak the same. You will know right away since, aside from the usual video submissions, you also get great photographs of these naked ladies. With their milky white complexions, they are a sight to behold, if I have to be honest.

Of course, as doleful as their personalities are outside of sex, when they actually engage in something like the latter, they are quite energetic and lively. Sex in here comes in either hardcore or softcore, and there are plenty of fetishes that are also being taken into account here. In addition, blow jobs are highlighted here, as well as deep throating, and there are quite a number of submissions that tend to showcase both. Being a user-submitted porn site, the content they offer vary all the time and no two videos are ever the same, making this site truly glorious in so many good ways.

There are almost 300 videos on the site and their qualities are all pretty good despite being just submissions. The best thing about all of these is that you get to enjoy a non-redundant bevy of videos. You can either stream them or download them. Streaming can be done on your browser with an embedded Flash player or you can also download them in mp4 or windows format. There is no download limit and all scenes are exclusive. When you are downloading, you can choose the resolutions you want them in and although not in HD, you still get pretty neat ones.

In Few Words

EmoSexGfs has plenty of things to be thankful for. I, for one, believe that there is so much potential in this already huge porn site. It is not your average ordinary adult site and the theme they so handily give out to the audience is rather unique and sui generis. You actually get a lot of every single thing about porn here, minus the really intense ones.

The number of content they have is something worthy of mention and although the quality of things may vary from time to time, rest assured, you will still get pretty decent looking videos and photos in an overall sense. The updates are kind of inconsistent but you are sure to get two to three (or even more) content uploads per week. The site features plenty of things and you can expect more to come in the coming months. The fact that everything here is exclusive also adds bonus points to the already good reputation they have.

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