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I discovered that there is, really, nothing fake about the content on Fake Shooting. The girls are gorgeous and real. The videos are great quality flicks. The sex is even more exciting. Well, the only thing is that the modeling the girls are invited to attend is rather twisted. But they like it all the same.

Site Content

Porn platforms have always shown a lot of innovation but Fake Shooting runs away with the innovative prize this time. I mean, I visited the platform out of curiosity. The home page presents you with a host of user and navigation tools. I could begin my entertainment; right from the point I landed on the platform. There are thumbnails of the action that ensues. A click on the images takes you straight to the action zone. I could also click on the drop down menu and check out the services offered on Fake Shooting at a glance.

The performances are clearly marked for users to choose what they prefer. I liked the fact that there is information provided for every scene. There is a clear focus on quality. The videos are presented in full HD. The only twist that threw me a little off balance is the lack of photos on the platform. I could see a number of photographers in the background; trying their best to focus on the models, yet the actual presentation is devoid of pics. The videos are entertaining and highly stimulating, nevertheless.

Actresses & Video Quality

The plan that the girls know about is that they are set for modeling interviews. They dress up in their attractive designs and show up for their maiden shot at modeling. Well, there are surprises in store for them. There is a bit of conversation with the director of performance, and soon, the girls are requested to remove their clothes. There are virile looking photographers snooping around. The girls resist the idea at first but soon accept the business idea and jump right at the center of the action. So you are presented with exclusive videos of sexy hot girls, modeling material, putting their best foot forward in their first porn shot. The girls must be commended for a good job, even for first timers. I really envied the camera crew on this one.

The cuties are endowed with some of the most prized features in town. They also come with class and style. I was swept off my feet and turned on by the performance that features a blonde named Ria. She is a natural beauty with little makeup. She is endowed with study boobs and pointed nipples. Like the rest of the models, she resists the idea of stripping on the set, at first, but is soon convinced to screw with one of the photographers. She is featured in a scene, riding the dude to the clouds. The dude is being overdosed with pleasure. He roars and moans uncontrollably at Ria Sun’s mercy. There are 62 videos with a 30-minute playback provided for each. There are no galleries but the videos are in full HD. I could view the flicks in MP4 format.

In Few Words

HD flicks, variety, steamy amateur sex; there is little to fault Fake Shooting about on the entertainment front. You have everything well thought out. Navigation is real time and easy. User features abound. The girls are great performers that leave you as horny as a goat.

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