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FemboyFever is a great tranny porn site to subscribe to for it provides you with the most beautiful trannies in the most exquisite porn scenes you’ve ever seen. This site features some of the kinkiest trannies from across the world, including Asia, Latin America, Africa and other continents and countries. There is a certain beauty that FemboyFever brings to your doorstep, and you cannot deny it when you try it out for the first time. This exquisite site is a member of the SheMax network, a network of tranny porn sites, and this is sufficient for you to consider this blindly.

However, before you do consider subscribing to this site, it pays to read a review. You’ll get an in-depth insight into the beauty and awesomeness of this site, plus, you also get to know what kind of sluts are available, their performance, and the kind of features the site boasts of, which will add to your jerk-off experience. So, if you have nothing else to do, get ahead and read this review, and make sure you go back to the site and click the pink Join Now button to become a member for the rest of your life.

Site Content

FemboyFever has a very chic look and feel, and you can make it out that the creators have put in super-human effort to get this into shape. The logo itself needs to be given a lot of merit, for it is made out of paper cuttings, as if the cuttings have been pasted on felt or chart paper. It gives the feeling of being in your formative years, a time when you explored your sexuality, as well as girls’ sexuality. That was a time when you also imagined about someone having both boobs and cocks, and how amazing it would be to see someone like that naked. If you’ve been lucky, you’d have found one, but that’s never the case.

On FemboyFever, these fantasies will surely spring back to life, and you will enjoy the best trannies in the most intimate scenes. The layout is simple. A fairly large header gives you a glimpse of the kind of bitches FemboyFever boasts of. A set of links takes you to the homepage, the models’ page, the updates’ page and the SheMax network. Additionally, there is a link for existing members to login, and a link for new members to subscribe.

There are over 115 pages of porn contents to be explored, and each page has 4 thumbnails and trailers to explore. The trailers are available for free, and you can watch them streaming on your computer. In addition to the trailer, there are five photos of the slut in various poses, naked or otherwise, to entice you. The name of the model, the title of the video and a brief description of the same complete the thumbnail of each video. The thumbnails are loaded in a list form, so, you must browse through the contents manually. Below these, there is a scrolling image section, in the footer, where you can see all the sites in the SheMax network, scrolling from right to left.

Before we proceed to the next section on Girls and Videos, let us check out the affordability of this site. FemboyFever is a very reasonable site to subscribe to. There are three specific membership plans in place, with an additional trial pack. A monthly, a trimester and an annual plan are the ones you can choose from, but if you want to explore before signing up, the 2-day trial pack is available. The annual plan gives you the best value, with a whopping 60% discount over the monthly plan. This is sure to get your cock wagging in joy, and your hand rushing to your wallet to subscribe.

Actresses & Video Quality

This is the most interesting part of the review, and you will read about the kind of tranny sluts that FemboyFever boasts of. The sluts come from various ethnicities, and you’ll find Asians, Africans, Latinas, Europeans and Americans, making this site a very diverse and colourful one too. The bitches have amazing bodies, and you’ll droll over when these sluts strip naked. Most of these sluts are amateur trannies, and hence, have nubile bodies. Yet, they are experts in having sex, getting their asses pounded, and sucking cocks as if there’s no tomorrow.

The bitches featured in this amazing porn site are the rarest trannies you will come across. They have the most amazing bodies you will come across. They have exquisite bodies, with super-soft skin. Drop a feather on them, and it will glide away smoothly. Their curves are awesome, and you can tickle them with a peacock feather very effectively, go get them going.

Being shemales, they have both male and female characteristics. The sex organ is the cock, while the female characteristics are the breasts. Their breasts are outstanding, fully developed, firm and round that you will want to fondle them all night long. The nipples so perky, you will want to twist, and bite, while sucking them hard. The sluts know how to use their dicks to full effect, and end up fucking other trannies, sluts and even men, till they ejaculate all their jizz and cum into their partners’ orifices.

These trannies also love to suck cocks, and giving a blowjob is like a walk in the park for them. The sluts enjoy warm creampies and cum shots on their faces, breasts and even their cocks. Some of the videos show the sluts rubbing their cock with the guy’s cock. When the tips of the cocks touch each other, the feeling is ecstatic, both for the tranny and the guy, and you.

In Few Words

FemboyFever is a great site that you can subscribe to, for it gives you a whole bunch of porn videos featuring the sexiest and most beautiful trannies. Being amateurs, they have all the gorgeous features you’ve ever expected in a tranny. Subscription is affordable, and gives you access to hundreds of videos, plus access to all the sites in the SheMax network. So, you’ve got nothing to lose by subscribing. So, join now!

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