The FetishGirls is a mixed site: its main profile is providing live cam shows that specialize in fetishes, and there are videos for download too. The girls are hot and nasty, and if you don’t have the time for enjoying a live cam show, you can still get some juicy customized porn: you can request porn video which you can direct as you would do with a live show. This site will prove to be a good choice for those who prefer fetishes, and just because the girls are capable of doing nearly anything. It’s only natural that the content here is exclusive, since it’s mostly live shows. As bonus content, you gain access to archived live shows and you can order a custom video too, so in case you finished with the archives, you may still get something new. The FetishGirls is a rather new website, and you can depict that from the quality of the videos too, because the girls mostly use high-quality equipment.

Site Content

When you land on this site, the first thing you probably notice will be the bit strange color use. One wouldn’t expect this purple color theme, but nevertheless it looks really good, and with the black background in has a hardcore look. The site’s logo features a pink skull with a white bow and it looks fearsome and funny at the same time. Under the heading, the main menu is located. You can start browsing the site there: you may take a look at the girls, or you can take a look at the videos’ list. The Live shows are available too. The rest of the page features some of the hottest stuff of the site. You can get some info on the next grand live show, and also some thumbnails show a moment from videos of the archives too. The videos here are available in a video on demand form: if you like something, you have to buy it. Once you log in, you will notice that only the promotional texts are gone, but the overall layout is the same. Apart from the live shows, the main feature of the site is that it grants you the option, to create your own custom fetish video. If you have what it takes, you can create a rally unique hardcore porn video that was made only for you. The registration on the site is free, like on many other live cam show sites, you only have to pay for the premium shows and for the videos. The free chat will grant you the chance to discuss the details with the girls. As you could expect, the connection is stable, so you won’t see much lagging during chat, and this will make the premium shows much better. The site grants many features to make it more comfortable for you. You will certainly appreciate the two-ways audio, that will surely help you to feel more horny, but if you are bit narcissistic, you can turn on you cam, and use the Cam2Cam feature and show off your body to the girls.

Actresses & Video Quality

The FetishGirls offer a very unique concept of porn, but the girls you can find here are all professionals, though they are not the big-shot pornstars you would expect. Some of the models of the site look amazing, while others are bit average, but that’s just expected, since the fetishes are sometimes really far from the repertoire of the big names of the industry. This is a good thing though, because these may not be the fake-queens of the studios, but they make up to that with performing utterly nasty and dirty things. Though many girls here are professionals (you may mostly know them from cam sites), there are always newbies, and if you think that you would be a good model (and you are a girl) then even you could put on a great show for the members. You can find here a variety of models. They don’t only have different looks, but you can also enjoy the performance of different ethnic models. You can enjoy watching the videos of hot Caucasian models, but a number of Latina, Asian and Black girls are also present, so the variety is full. The girls have different bodies too, and not just their boobs and ass are different, but there are some very skinny chicks, just as some chunkier women. You will find it that the site offers real variety that’s simply awesome. The videos here are mostly scripted; or at least they are staged, but it’s certain that these are not amateur scenes. If you like hardcore porn, you will certainly enjoy the videos of the FetishGirls. These are not studio porn with overplayed excitement and meanness, so you should get ready to see some very nasty things taking place inside. Since it’s a fetish-focused website, it’s only natural that you gain access to almost all kinky and heavy hardcore stuff you could think of, including spanking (hardly) and all kind of worshipping from head to toe. Everything has its place. If you want, you could even request your own personal video: you can select the outfit, the niches it should cover, thus you can create your own heavy hardcore porn video.

In Few Words

The FetishGirls basically is a cam show site. All chick here is a live cam performer, but they have some very good equipment, and you will surely see it yourself that the site has a neat database of host. This also grants you the freedom of directing, and even you don’t order your own movie, during a private show you are the boss, and you can tell the girl what you want to see. Anyone who prefers hardcore porn should check out the site, not just for the performances, but for the exclusive heavy hardcore videos you can get. This website doesn’t exist anymore, choose another BDSM premium porn site!

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