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There are a lot of sites out there that claim to provide excellent porn, and if you are an avid porn consumer, you might realize that most of these websites simply do not deliver on what they are promising. A lot of these sites do not have the high quality porn that they are advertising, rather the porn that they are sending is the sort that ends up causing your hard-on to go soft in no time. Additionally, a lot of these sites tend to charge exorbitant amounts of money, so even if you do end up enjoying yourself with a porn site you will end up getting a bill that will, once again, makes your hard-on go soft in no time at all which is not very pleasant for anybody involved. The modern porn consumer wants to view something that is edgy, something exciting every time he opens a porn website.

The modern porn watcher wants something that will give him something to jerk off to, and something that will help him have some of the most enjoyable jerk of sessions of his life. After all, if you are spending money on something you would certainly want it to be worth completely. However, the problem here is that most of the time you are not going to get that. This is perhaps why FilthyAndFisting is such a great product. It delivers so much and it does it at such an amazing price. The best thing about this porn site is that it does not hold back at all, providing you with some of the roughest porn that you are ever going to see, and from the very home page of the site you will start to realize that this is something that you simply do not see every day.

Site Content

The layout of the website seems to have been designed with two things in mind. The first of these two things is the fact that there are so many porn videos but you only want to watch one, so instead of advertising two dozen porn videos on its homepage the site only advertises about a quarter of that number. This is very important because it ends up creating the sort of ambience that would put you into a good mood. Instead of being assaulted by every single video that has been uploaded to the site, you are given a selection of some of the finest videos to choose from, and this contributes greatly to the quality of the porn that you are watching since you are going to be in a much more positive state of mind while watching it.

If you are into the sort of porn that this site provides, you are going to get a lot of information from the thumbnails as well. This further cements the first of the two things that the site kept in mind, and that is the fact that you want to be able to choose the porn that you are going to watch as easily as you possibly can otherwise you are simply not going to enjoy it as much as you would otherwise. The second of the two things that the website has clearly kept in mind is the importance of ambience. Ambience is more than just color and sound and all of these things, it is a combination of audio and video as well as other visual elements that come together to make your porn watching experience as good as it can possibly be.

This is perhaps one of the best things about the site, that its color scheme along with the unique audiovisual experience that is provided come together to create the sort of jerk off session that you would be happy to pay for. Overall, the ambience of the site is the best bar none, and if you take into account the superior layout of the site you are really going to start to get a sense of just how well this site has been designed. Hence, as far as the website design aspect goes, this site certainly gets full marks in pretty much every single aspect. What is the next feature that you would like to know about FilthyAndFisting? Don’t worry. FilthyAndFisting is not too expensive and you can opt for any one of the three levels of membership, monthly, quarterly or annual, with the annual membership being the cheapest and most popular membership option.

Actresses & Video Quality

The way the content of this website works is that it is focused on fisting. The best sites are those that do not keep their target niche all that diverse, they tend to focus on a specific fetish. However, if you are an avid porn watcher, you will know that often these fetishes tend to get very boring very quickly, and as a result you are really going to dislike it if a site provides the same video every single time with different actors. The great thing about the content on this site is that the writers have managed to keep it fresh in spite of the fact that it is all focused on fisting. They bring the sex to the fisting part in different ways, the female porn stars are very good at displaying a wide range of emotions as far as fisting is concerned, and perhaps the single best thing is the fact that the fisting is never, ever boring.

In fact, if you are into fisting you are going to find that this site gives you every single thing that you could ever desire, and this is certainly a thing worth paying a lot of money for. It is to this site’s credit that it still does not charge all that much money for its excellent set up and content. The porn stars are very professional and know what to do. The guy / chick fisting the girl is also very professional and knows the limit between good and bad rough sex. The girl being fisted can also be seen enjoying the attention being given to her pussy / asshole and the amount of fisting it receives. In all, the shows are exquisite and a joy to watch.

In Few Words

Simply put, if you are looking for a site that will provide you with rough porn and will fit inside your budget, you have found it right here. This site is the best you could possibly have when it comes to rough porn, and when you take into account the immersive experience it provides along with the fact that it has so many amazingly cheap subscription packages you are really going to start thinking that this is the perfect site for you.

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