iStripper is a great softcore porn site and desktop app that offers you sexy chicks stripping and playing for you on your desktop. Offering you the best means to titillate your senses, iStripper will keep your mood up and going throughout the day, and the chicks will ensure that you will never have a dull moment anytime in your life. This awesome app works well on all Windows based computers and laptops, and it is free to install. Well, there’s a lot more to iStripper than what meets the eye and the main purpose of writing this review is to help you understand these intricate details. Read further to know more.

Site Content

The iStripper App adds a lot of spice to your desktop and you will love to explore the multitudes of girls that this awesome app offers you. The app features various categories, like popular girls, weekend-sales, blondes, busty, XXX striptease, brunettes, redheads and a couple others. There are featured girls, a girls’ store from where you can purchase the chicks of your choice for your desktop, a free preview girl that is added every 10 minutes, my collection and an online form for you to discuss with other members of the iStripper Community.

While the app is free for you to download and install, to enjoy the chicks of your choice, you must purchase credits. The minimum credit that you can purchase is 25 while the maximum is 500. While the minimum number of credits is affordable to purchase, 100 credits offers you a 25% discount, 250 credits offers you a 40% discount and the 500 credits offers you a 50% discount. The most popular is going for the 250-credit scheme.

Actresses & Video Quality

The girls featured on iStripper are truly awesome and will give you a great time when you create your profile on the app. And after you purchase the credits required for watching the chicks, there’s no stopping you from enjoying the kinkiest stripteases you’ve ever seen. The chicks featured on iStripper come from various parts of the world and include chicks from nationalities like Hungary, Spain, The Czech Republic, Ukraine, Brazil, Latvia and many more countries. You’ll find Asians, Latinas, Caucasian, and ebonies galore on iStripper.

There are two types of collections, which includes an iStripper collection and an iStripperXXX collection. The iStripper collection offers only a very simple collection of sluts stripping, while the iStripperXXX collection offers a collection of hardcore xxx collection. The XXX collection offers you fully nude shows of the specific pornstar, and includes her showing her boobs, pussies and assholes. One of the best parts of iStripper is you don’t need to repurchase credits to view a pornstar, and you can watch these strip shows as many times as you want.

In Few Words

iStripper is a great desktop app to download and own, and you can enjoy the sexiest pornstars stripping to your demands. This on-demand desktop app is sure to keep your mind busy when you are bored of your hectic schedule and will give you an outlet to relieve your stress and tensions. Affordable to purchase credits to view the striptease shows, you are never far from a sultry chick at any point in time. So, go ahead and download the app now.

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