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There are many great things that a sexy pair of legs can do. Forget all about big boobs and butts. Although they define a woman’s sexuality, over time, we have realized that we can find pleasure in other parts of the body. For instance, a long and bare pair of legs that does not quit but instills a lot of dirty thoughts in us. It could be licked, kissed and even be used for pleasuring the cunt. Either way, it comes in handy inside the bedroom. The ScoreGroupNetwork has treated us to porn videos that feature big boobs and a wide array of booties ever since its inception. The establishment of the LegSex Magazine has showcased a paradigm shift that has brought new light to the entertainment that the site offers. With the magazine, came its virtual version, LegSex and this is the site that we are going to review today.

LegSex is an adult site that you will find highly exciting especially as it features many exciting things that happen below the waist. We are talking foot fetishists, pantyhose freaky scenes, thigh adorers, and toe sucking fanatics who will most definitely be astonished at the type of content that this adult platform has to offer. It is amazing to find all of this sexiness all in one place but as we know of the ScoreNetwork, nothing is ever surprising.

I have had a crush on one too many girls and watching them remove their shoes, cross-legged and sitting on the porch was an eye opener, it did not give me a boner. LegSex has taken all random encounters that involve the legs and has turned them into one amazing sexual experience. You will catch a glimpse of lower limbs, sexy thighs, ankles and the beautiful soles of the delicate feet. You simply have to see it in order to believe it! Footjobs and cross-dressing also make a play for your attention on the platform. It does not hurt that all of the models are sexy, busty and curvaceous. This is just icing on the top of this cake of pleasure. You will have a great time in the company of the crème de la crème of the porn world such as Puma Swede, Ava Addams, and Miranda Kelly. All of the sexy beauties are ready to play as well as captivate.

Site Content

LegSex is packed with photos and videos. There are 350 high-quality videos that have been shot by top-notch producers. The flicks can be downloaded in WMV and MPEG format while streaming is also an acceptable option. The galleries are also a delight and they are easy to download as zip files. The site is colorful, and this makes it easy for you to remain captivated. The four main categories are upfront. You can explore the videos section, photos, models and the homepage which showcase a sub-total of everything. Clicking on either section of the site takes you to the fun content. LegSex does not have scenes with lengthy descriptions, especially since this is straight forward. However, you can keep up with the upload schedule through the upload dates. It is also refreshing to know the models by their real name. Members can also participate in rating the flicks on a scale of one to ten. Playing the flicks in the preview is easy but wouldn’t it be better to enjoy them as full-length scenes?

Actresses & Video Quality

The combination of the foot fetish and hardcore action is most definitely one that is hard to come by. In fact, many foot fetish sites lean towards the softcore side. However, the models on LegSex shows you that there is so much beyond their looks. They are capable of indulging in hardcore foot fetish sexual encounters that will stop you dead in your tracks. The models are mostly fresh faces and they adorn the legs in the most expensive stilettos, stockings, boots, and even lingerie. If this is their form of attraction, they want to do everything to present it in the best ways some of the girls are more laid back and decide to showcase their legs as part of their full nudity.

You will be introduced to these girls either in the middle of their sexual encounters while others are just walking in the streets, showcasing their sexy legs. When the models want to make the most of their alone time, they doll themselves up and indulge in acts of masturbation. The men are most differently crazy for the legs and the toes especially because they come in all shapes and sizes. While licking a women’s toe is something that I used to find questionable, especially for me, the men on this platform make it seem like the tastiest snack that they have ever had. You will absolutely fall in love with all that the flicks have to offer. If you thought you know what good nudity was all about, you could not be more wrong. You will be dazzled by the way the girls look out of their clothes. Whether they are getting a high-rise in the look, playing love games or hitching a ride, you will love all that they have to offer.

In Few Words

If you want to enjoy foot fetishes in its best, LegSex has got you covered. Even if you are not a true stocking or nylon fan, you will find many reasons to love them. All of the flicks are highly capable of turning you on. Needless to say, you will find your match here.

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