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Lexoweb is an erotic website with a select collection of videos and photos of an adult model and nudist Lexo. The videos on the site cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, so they are 100% exclusive. Members can access all the exclusive photos and videos for an affordable fee.

Site Content

The website features videos and photos from one model, so the design and the site in general is fairly simple. This means that the content you may be looking for is easy to find. There is no search function on the site, but this is not necessary as the videos and photos are mainly in the news and videos category respectively. If you’re looking for photos especially free ones, you can find them in the news section. You can scroll down the window in the news section to see posts of older photos. The news section occasionally has updates on the website and other stories about Lexo the model. The video section has videos that are between 8 and 30 minutes long. There are videos that are 20 minutes in length. Videos can be downloaded individually, or streamed online if you are already a member of the site. There are over 100 movies and some photo galleries have over 200 images.

Actresses & Video Quality

The website is a single model site showing videos that are exclusive and only from the model Lexo. Lexo is a beautiful and slender model, who likes showing her body in public places. It is a site designed for fans of public nudity and exhibitionism. In the videos and photos, Lexo can be seen either partly clothed or completely nude. Sometimes she stripes completely nude after walking in the streets dressed in a mini with no panties. Even in the videos, where she is partly dressed, she is always braless and with no panties under her short skirts. One thing about Lexo is that there is no public place she will not go or feel shy of stripping. She goes to public beaches, or walks down the streets nude as she receives nervous glances from shocked onlookers. In many of the videos she is alone, performing solo acts like playing with her butt plugs or using a dildo on the side of the street. In other videos, she can be seen with another woman often referred to as Monica. Monica is about the same age as Lexo, which means she could be in her later 20s or early 30s. In the videos that she is featured, she gets completely naked with Lexo and sometimes is the dominant female in a femdom play. There are more videos on the site than photos, and the content is mostly focused on movies. The movies are in 540 by 360 MP4 or WMV format. There are a few free photos you can get under the news or wall paper section. Some of them are not watermarked and are of excellent quality.

In Few Words

If you ever wanted a collection of hundreds of photos and videos of public nudity, you may want to check this site out. It offers flexible payment options in case you want to pay for each file individually or access all the content for 30 days. The site deserves a 7/10 rating.

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