Are you looking for some girl on girl or even girl on girl on girl action? Then the LivePrivates is a site you should check, especially if you are not into porn that much, but instead you would like to watch girls going hard on each other in a live show. This portal has a wide selection of lesbian-oriented couples and groups of girls who will prove to be professional lesbian performers. The LivePrivates is a site of the company that runs the industry leading live show site from Europe, and it offers you mostly those models you could find there. However, this site has a somewhat more handsome design, the blue color makes it friendlier. You can join the site for free, and start chatting with the lesbian couples as soon as you open their page.

Site Content

It’s quite certain you won’t be lost on the LivePrivates. The menu will remain on the top, so you will find back to the home page always. Regarding the actual site design, you will see that it’s quite simple: there is a menu on the top of the page with the search and sorting options, while the rest of the page has the list of hotness, right down to the bottom. As you scroll downwards, the list will expand. You can peek into the girls’ free chat room if you move the mouse cursor over the picture; also you can click on it and view it in a larger window. The sorting and searching options are varied. Well, the search itself is simple: enter the criteria of the girls or the niches you seek and hit Enter. There are two menus on both ends of the search box: at the left, you can select the gender, while on the right you can select from a list of categories, attributes, and specialties. Our recommendation for you is to use this tool, as it will get you more punctual results.

The picture quality increases, and there is barely any model at the LivePrivates who doesn’t use at least an HD web camera. Naturally, the most popular and most famous girls have more than just a webcam, they have an excellent quality cam, standing on a tripod, and is also remote controlled. This means, you can enjoy some close-up footage too, which is quite good in lesbian sex. The photo galleries the girls have are good ways to get an insight on them, however in many cases, they look much more alive on video than on the studio-shot photos, which are enhanced and cleared in different ways.

Actresses & Video Quality

The lesbians of the LivePrivates are really something. Due to the nature of this kind of show, you will only find couples and groups listed on the site, and while you are there, you should do well to explore the list closely. These girls are all professionals, though it might happen that some new groups appear in the future, you can never know. Nevertheless, the already available lesbian models’ list of the LivePrivates is considerable and very hot. In case you are looking for some really hot cunts, you will find out very soon that you are at the right place.

Some of the couples and groups are quite exotic: Asians (Asian BBWs at that!), Latinas and mixed groups are also available. As far as their age-related diversity is concerned, you are going to find here some fresh girls going sweet and yet hard on each other, just as there are a few mature ladies who know what the other one needs, and they grant it to them. We believe that some of the couples are real, though the vast majority of them seem to be the only lesbian on screen. But, that’s not taking away anything from their shows’ value. If you are looking for something extraordinary, you can ask the models about what they can do: sometimes they will get you the fetishes you are fixed on, while some groups won’t be that open-minded.

Now, when it comes down to the actual shows, you will see some really interesting things, depending on your wishes. There are some couples who will go sensual and passionate for you, while others will play cute: they laugh, tease, but when needed they also go hardcore. And then, there are those groups and couples, who are not just doing a show for you, but they implement some heavy stuff too. They are the cold-hearted but sexy professionals, who have a wide range of sexy toys, and they are not afraid to use them: anal beads, anal insertions, strap-on sex, leather and latex, domination and submission… these girls will do all if you want them to. In fact, you can direct your own heavy hardcore lesbian sex film!

In Few Words

The Lesbian area at the LivePrivates is one of the hottest of this field. There are dozens to hundreds of couples listed, though you need to be in the right time to find more than a dozen of them online. You can list them all, and it’s strongly advised to do so because you might find some groups you are interested in but are not online, check their schedule or set up a notification. The LivePrivates might not be a fully unique site, but it has all the best of the best could offer, the girls and their shows are worth watching, and if you hadn’t done this yet, it’s the best place to start your journey into the world of live cam shows, this time, focused on Lesbian action.

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