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In the world of porn today, so many people are looking for new stuff or something other than just plain old missionary on the bed, so if you’re one of those people who’ve seen a dozen enough videos of porn already and you’ve been aching to see something new and hardcore, I can really help you with that. While I was searching the web for a nice porn site to write about, I stumbled upon this site called “Lubed”, for those who aren’t familiar with the word lubed, it means, lubricated. Believe it or not, this site is totally dedicated to bringing you porn with shining quality and girls all lubed up for some hardcore fucking.

You can actually see the glitter in their skin during the sex scenes which is actually pretty stunning and hot, and since they’re all lubed up, they can handle even the hardest ramming cock you could ever imagine getting drilled inside these girls. So that’s what this lube site is about, if you’re simply putting it that way, it’s about creative sex while the porn stars are all oiled up. Another thing to take not is that the site is actually pretty new, so you’ll be seeing a lot of new faces in the porn industry but also as well as some classic stars too. So why don’t you join me and see what this site has really got for us!

Site Content

As I entered the website itself, you won’t believe what I saw. I usually see this in average sized images but this one is HD. You’ll be witnessing an HD moving image right in their homepage just playing hardcore sex scenes over and over! I didn’t expect this but they really did a perfect job with this homepage greeting image. The homepage is also filled with recent videos that were just uploaded. Just seeing these video previews are already getting me pumped up. All these wet girls just spreading their legs about to get rammed just makes you wanna press that button already. By the way, the website also uploads videos every day, so you won’t be worrying of running out of videos anytime soon.

By the way, I really like the black background they gave the site. It’s less irritating to the viewers unlike other sites that has all these ads and shiny icons. Really irritating. Let’s also not ignore the icon by the way. The icon really speaks for the site. It’s shaped like a water droplet with a white background. Another feature this site has is the models tab. If you go ahead and click the models tab you get to appreciate all the models the site has in store for you. Trust me on this, these girls are not your ordinary porn star beauty. These girls have been handpicked to really endure the hardcore ramming they’re about to get after they get all lubed up. One last feature about the site is that once you are a member, the site gives you the privilege of becoming a member of several other sites as well. I’m not joking, yes you’ll have a whole bunch of other porn sites for free as well! Now before you start celebrating, let’s see how the girls perform in front of the camera.

Actresses & Video Quality

Watched a few of their videos lately, and let me say, this site has really done it! I never expected to actually adore porn this much. Seeing these hot ladies getting drilled so hard and so fast while having the other girl lick the guy’s balls is really satisfying to watch. The porn stars they have includes Keisha grey, Adriana Chechik, and even the all-popular Megan Rain. These hot stars satisfy men like no other. They’re not afraid of getting rammed, cummed on, sharing cum from one girl to the other and anything else you could ever think of and more. But that’s not all, the quality won’t fall short as well.

But before I tell you about the video quality, let me tell you something interesting about their camera. Since their scenes includes a lot of hardcore splashing about, the camera was designed to withstand different kinds of fluids to give you a realistic effect as if you’re getting splashed by the water as well. You’ll see a lot of splash marks in the video. If I might add, I find it really, really hot and fucking awesome. Now about the quality, all quality types are HD, the video resolutions include 1080pMP4 HD, 720pMP4 HD, 480pWMV HD, and also 720p. Did I also mention that these videos will be available for download? Well they are my friend, and not only that, they’re also unlimited. So you can download as many videos as you can.

In Few Words

I’ve seen the site and the videos Lubed has to offer and, man, they don’t settle for less. They’ve got a lot of fresh and original content. They’ve also done a pretty good job in protecting their members and their videos too from being hacked, making sure the members get what they deserve and nothing else. Sex scenes are awesome too, mostly threesomes and group sex. Which is exactly what makes the sex scene all the more amazing. Who doesn’t love seeing the look on that girl’s face as two or three cocks is getting drilled inside her. As for the rating. This one’s got the number one on my list.

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