Are you a fan of gay porn? Well, if you are, then you will be with me when I say that it is ridiculously difficult to search for high-quality gay porn out there, right? I mean, sure, there are a lot of places that offer gay porn, but it is pretty rare to find something of good quality out there. Another problem is that, when you do find a nice gay porn site that offers really good videos, most of them are twink porn! Have you heard of this gay porn niche already? It is becoming extremely popular. It is where you would find lean, lanky, and fresh gay porn stars. They are clean and well-shaved. And yes, while they are sexy, this genre also has a tendency to get pretty boring. It’s not like the strong gay porn that a lot of us are into as well, right?

Honestly, I’m a straight guy. But I have a LOT of gay friends who continue to ask me of any good porn sites, ones that are exciting and offer a lot of variety, different from the twink sites that have become more common online. And because I know that a lot of you guys are asking for us to review more gay porn sites, so here we are. Today, we are going to feature MaleFlixxxTV. It is a high-quality porn site that offers the variety that you want because it is not your usual porn site. It is actually a compilation site that brings together the best selections from different studios, and we are not talking about just any studio. The different studios that provide this porn site of their content are some of the BEST in the world of porn. Some of these are Lucas Entertainment and Pumphouse Media, just to name a few.

What’s more is that, while the site also presents some twink porn (like I said, it’s a compilation site where you will be able to find a huge variety of different videos), it focuses more on other more exciting genres and gay fetishes like bear, muscled, and other more “mature” types of gay porn.

Site Content

The website design of MaleFlixxxTV is personally a bit busy for my taste. However, I completely understand why the porn site was created in this way. The porn site just had a lot of content to show and this massive library would not be able to be presented in full if it wasn’t for this layout. Having said this, the navigations of the porn site is something that you should explore, especially the category and studio tabs. By doing so, you would be able to get some idea on the type of content that the porn site offers. You would be surprised on how much they present. Aside from the navigations, the page is also segmented in a way that would best display the current selections coming from the different studios that they feature. Be mindful of the thumbnails, because they contain the information that you need, including the name of the studio where the video was from.

Actors & Video Quality

As expected with the different studios that converge on this one site, the different kinds of dudes that you are going to find here are also a LOT, as in all the types of gay (and even straight) guys are right here. Like what I said, though, there are tougher looking men here than weak twinks. Men here have muscles and they’re not afraid to use them.

Another thing that we really like about this porn site is the good quality of the videos that you will be able to stream and download. First, they are all high-definition, so all of the scenes are crystal clear with well-saturated pictures. Also, I’ve noticed that all of the content that they have in the porn site are somewhat curated already. It wasn’t really mentioned in the porn site but, as what we have observed, it seems that all the videos were carefully selected even before they were included on MaleFlixxxTV. In this way, all their members can be sure that the videos that they will find on the site are only the quality ones that are worth taking the time to watch.

In Few Words

This can all be possible, though, only if you sign up for membership. Just like any other premium porn sites, you need to become a member in order to gain full access to their exclusive videos. The membership style of this porn site, though, is a bit different compared to the other porn sites out there. While the other porn sites offer different monthly plans, MaleFlixxxTV on the other hand offer different viewing credits that you could spend per video or scene. They also provide more choices to choose from, with six credit plans that you could purchase. These credits would then determine how much you can enjoy from the site.

Aside from the membership plans, it is also highly recommended for you to sign up for their newsletter as well. This is where you will be able to get some announcements regarding updates and other membership perks that you can enjoy. Who knows? There might be freebies ahead as well. I would recommend for you to create a separate email for this, though, just in case you don’t want to receive email from them in your work email.

This website doesn’t exist anymore, but you could find other great gay sites on our best gay porn sites list.




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