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Whether you admit it or not, as a guy, it’s in our nature to watch porn as a medium of quickly relieving our sexual needs. It’s been a part of our behavior for such a long time that you can literally see a porn category titled “Vintage”. But even though we all share the same guilty pleasure, there’s no denying that our preferences when it comes to certain things are still different. I don’t know about you, but when I watch porn I always look for the girl that can make the greatest sex face. To get me really going, she has to have a pair of big tits to match her pretty face. Aside from that, her pussy and ass should look tight and fresh, not loose and wide. Her lips should also be sexy as hell … why? Because it would make her look so hot while sucking her partner’s cock, or if some magic happens … your cock. Attitude wise, I like girls who are not afraid to reach orgasm by themselves. Well, I mean … girls masturbating … what’s not hot about that? Also, they need to be outgoing and experimental enough to try lesbian sex because that as well is as hot as hell. I mean, you’re already watching porn, why not search for the best ones that will fully satisfy you, right? Now, if I’m going to ask you, what are the things you’re looking for when watching porn? If we are on the same page, then today is your lucky day. For I’m going to introduce you a porn site that I know you will absolutely love. If pretty faced chicks with big tits that masturbate and do occasional lesbian sex is your thing, then Malina-May got you covered. Owned and named after one of the models herself, this particular porn site can serve as a “Tits Paradise” for any guy who is a sucker (pun intended) for girls with big boobs. In this particular site, you will be able to find girls masturbating and have sex with fellow bitches. You read that right; they’re all women having sex with fellow women. Lesbian sex FTW! … Right?

Site Content

What’s also great about this particular web page is that its aesthetic helps a lot with their branding. The background design of the site itself is printed purple wallpaper, intentionally made to make it look like you’re in a hotel room. I’m also pretty sure that they chose darker colors to evoke sexiness. I don’t know if you feel it, but to me, the design of the site affects how I see the videos. If I don’t like how it is made, its design and all then I will not be that interested in seeing what other things it has to offer. Malina-May’s aesthetic is simple but sexy and their design’s made that way to intentionally divert your attention straight to their models. The pictures and videos they have popped up against the dark colored purple background. Aside from that, they also have a very organized way of separating their porn categories and services. Speaking of services, they offer live cams where you can talk to their models and make them do things you want. Of course, you would have to pay, that’s how live cams work. You will also get to have a direct access to the other porn sites they’re affiliated with through the use of their “Sites” list.

Actresses & Video Quality

What’s also great about this particular porn site is that they literally have some of the hottest models around. From fresh chicks to MILFS, there’s plenty for everyone. If you’re into white girls, they have them. If Latinas get you going they also have some of the gorgeous female porn stars you’ve seen in a while. Asians too! , which is just amazing since Asians don’t get that much attention when it comes to porn sites that are manufactured and made in western countries. Am I getting you interested in it now? Well, you will be more convinced after I tell you this. Their videos are definitely in high definition. You’ll get to see every single thing they’re doing. And yes, the sound work wonders as well that’s why you might want to be vigilant about the volume of your computer or gadget since you will not want other people to her these girl’s moans and groans. It’s a guarantee that you will get hard in no time. Let’s actually talk about the videos for a bit, there’s this particular one where Malina is eating Ines’s pussy. You can just see it in the latter’s face how much she enjoys Malina’s tongue playing with her clit while they are in the bathtub. There’s also another scene where the two are in the office and they are fingering and licking each other’s pussies, how hot is that? Can I fist bump you now? What else could you ask for other than two hot girls having sex with each other just for fun? There’s no other word that I can think of other than “Uh-mazing”.

In Few Words

If that didn’t get you interested, then I don’t know what will. Bottom line is, Malina-May is a very hot site filled with very hot girls horny for each other. It has compiled anything and everything you would want to see with girls masturbating and experimenting with lesbianism. I find that jack off worthy, and I hope you do too.

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