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While hardcore porn is over a century old, massage porn is a more recent phenomenon. The adult entertainment industry is saturated with hardcore porn, and only recently have sites realized the importance of diversifying to newer niches. One such niche is massaging. Massaging is very sensuous and erotic, when done in the right way. Aromatic and Nuru oils are used extensively to bring the guy to heightened levels of eroticism. And when the massage is not directed or controlled, the realism gives you the right mood to jerk-off.

MightyRods provides you realistic massage porn videos that give you an exhilarating experience. Massage is akin to foreplay. The most comprehensive work on sex, The Tantra, extolls the virtues of foreplay and massaging the sex organs is the most important feature of lasting togetherness. MightyRods understands that foreplay and massaging makes the porn star feel good, while simultaneously doing everything it can to make you feel good as well. The porn video clips, which are offered on the site, involve a very loving and caring setting which makes the girls featured in the videos to achieve an intense orgasm. Orgasm is intense not only for the chick, but for the guys too. The cunts are not afraid to show off their massaging skills to get the porn stars and you to climax. To know more about this amazing site, continue reading this review that has been written for your benefit.

Site Content

A major factor that makes the porn experience, which this site offers, so amazing is the layout of the site. Its design and layout is quite simple yet exquisite. Its most amazing layout feature is its color scheme. Black is used as the primary background color on which all the site’s content is placed. Purple is used as border for the thumbnails and fonts. The combination of the two colors augments the content quite well. It makes the site so sexually arousing that you will be drooling even before you begin watching the clips.

The videos offered by the site are represented by thumbnail boxes, which have the names of the models featured in every particular clip below the box which contains such a video thumbnail. You can toggle through the site’s content easily because the thumbnails are arranged in grid format to make that easy. Every thumbnail links to a page dedicated to the video, which it represents. You can either download or watch such a video from the page. The site’s navigational buttons are properly placed and clearly labeled. This makes navigation around the different parts of the site quite easy. You will truly love the design and layout of the site. It is free of any clutter and does not look crowded at all. The interface is therefore quite functional and user-friendly.

MightyRods offers you more than 100 full HD quality porn video clips for your enjoyment. You can watch the clips online and you can also download them to watch offline. To watch the clips online, you only need to stream them onto a flash player, which is embedded on the site for those who wish to watch online. But if you prefer offline watching, you can download the clips onto any of your personal devices in MOV, WMV or MP4 file formats. The highest resolution for the video clips is 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps. The site also provides you with a huge collection of photo sets. There are about 100 of the photo sets on the site with each set having about 60 photos. The resolution of the photos is at 1280 x 853 and they can be downloaded in ZIP file format.

Actresses & Video Quality

The reason why the porn video clips, which are available on the site are so great is because they are massage porn videos. Hot hunks come to a sexy chick for a massage. The sexy slut offers her services as a sexy masseuse. She loves to oil her hands and rub them on the firm body of the stud. There is a level of closeness between the performers, which enables them to truly enjoy what they are doing a great deal.

When the girls in the videos featured on the site cum, you know that they are going through real life orgasms and are not just faking it. You know that the pleasure they are feeling is the sort of pleasure that would maximize your ejaculation experience as well. The thing is, when the girls cum, they start to shake. This display of real emotions should make you sure that they are not faking it. After all, sexual realism is the major factor, which makes your own ejaculation quick and intense. The girls are extremely sexy, it seems like MightyRods specifically chose girls who have amazing tits. However, apart from the fact that the girls have such amazing bodies, another feature, which makes the sites video clips the best it can be, is diversity.

In Few Words

The site truly has clips, which must be counted among the best the whole industry can currently boast of. The models the site has assembled to put these video clips together are the hottest and sexiest currently available in the whole of the porn video niche. And the site offers you its content through one of the best, most intuitive and most user-friendly sites you can find online these days. In addition, there are perks and even a 67% discount, depending on the subscription plan you choose. Whichever may be your choice, MightyRods remains one of the amazing porn sites you must join.

The site is no longer updated. Take a look at EvilAngel!

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