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The MILFBundle is the Score Group’s mega-site. It offers the members a pass to 15 different MILF porn sites, which cover dozens of hardcore niches, ranging from threesomes to even kinky things such as interracial granny-porn. For this site the expression MILF means women over 30, but it doesn’t stops at the regular 45-50 years upper limit: no, here they grant you girls over 50 and even 60, so it’s a truly wide age-range the network covers. This portal isn’t old, but the content it provides comes from the early 2000s, or even from the late 90’s. There are HD videos on some sites, while others offer only SD, as they have stopped updating. However, you don’t have to worry about getting the MILF-fun you seek, as there are several sites still which updates, and if you enjoy watching hot MILFs fucking around, you are going to appreciate your membership. Some of the content is exclusive, while there are many videos which are available on DVDs too, along with photos which were scanned from the printed magazines.

Site Content

You will see that the sites included have the same design as the mega-site, so if you visit them separately, you can handle them easily. But, why would you spend time with that when you can get them all in one place? There are several features the tour offers to you, but these include mostly the regular things: preview clips, photos and the sites’ list. Take the tour, gather the insight you want, then head to the signup, so the real fun could begin. You are going to find inside a simple page, and apart from the basic search, not much options are offered to you. Fortunately though, you can at least browse the site from your tablet or even from your smart phone, as it has been refurbished to be mobile-ready.

The videos are listed in the members’ area, you can see the latest shots right after you enter. On each scene’s page, you can see the player and the download options. You have the option to enjoy an HD stream, and it’s also possible for you to view them in SD if your machine isn’t up for the challenge. You are going to find download variations too, such as: full scenes in SD or HD, 5 minutes videos also in SD or HD, along with the photo sets download. The pictures are really sharp and neat, they were done in a professional manner. The sites offer you different settings, but the best bet is to save the biggest zip file, as that’s the one which offers the highest quality.

Actresses & Video Quality

There are hundreds of different models on the MILFBundle. You can enjoy the performance of ladies who are still in their forties, while a significant number of the women at the MILFBundle sites are well over 50. The wide age-range the included sites cover gives a truly fine variety to the models’ database and to the site overall, however there are some other elements which strengthens the variety. For example, there are truly busty old ladies here, who have large breast and great lust. But, there is a site dedicated to flat MILFs, who have a tight body only their breasts aren’t that large, nevertheless they are hot and fine fucking material.

You are going to find here ethnic MILFs too, so that’s another variety-strengthening factor. Those who enjoy watching hardcore sex, and don’t mind if the females in the porn videos are actually old, will spend some hot hours here. And those who have a fixation on mature women? They will go crazy and won’t be able to stop watching video after video. There aren’t only professionals on the MILFBundle: you can find some hot porn debuts too and the best ones always return for more.

One of the many good features of the MILFBundle websites is that they are loyal to their ideas, and they always focus on the niche they have in focus. For example, the YourWifeMyMeat offers videos with the popular cheating fantasy, the girls always cheat on their husbands, sometimes some cuckold action is featured too. The series running under the title GrannyLovesBBC, the horny ladies are putting their classiness aside and get down dirty: these old cunts have their pussy fucked buy big Black cocks, and they seem to like it very much. All series cover a fantasy or a niche, and they actually cover it so don’t expect to see here what other sites offer: one video with the actual niche the site should cover, while the rest is just fucking and sucking. You are going to be kept busy for quite a long time, as the scenes usually run for more than 15 minutes on average, so this compilation is going to have your eyes glued to the screen for a long time.

In Few Words

The MILFBundle is one of the few mega-sites we’re happy to recommend. However, we have to not that it might not be good for everyone. The folks who should pay a close attention to the site and should buy at least a month of membership are those who are into mature women. And by that we mean guys who actually love matures, and aren’t picky: the MILFs here are not fakes of the mainstream providers, but natural, sometimes average women from the 40-70 years old range. If the description above fits you, then you are more than welcome to join the MILFBundle and enjoy the collection provided by more than a dozen hardcore MILF-sites.

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