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We have something very special for you today. A rare treat that may not be to everyone’s taste, but which we guarantee will melt the hearts of each and every one of you with that have a love of all things anal, so let us take a closer look at Milk Enema.

Site Content

The design of the Milk Enema website is a little bit different than most porn sites, the theme of the website has a bit more visual impact because it has more design elements rather than just a basic plain background. It has a great milky white background with images taken from some of the videos on the site which create great visual impact, but are still subtle enough not to draw your attention to them too much so as not to distract you from finding a video you want. The color scheme of the website is basically pink and white which creates a very nice visual effect but also brings up mental images that click into place with the theme of the website, mostly white background obviously is meant to emphasize the fact that it is a milk fetish website, and the pink menu and buttons and other design elements immediately make you think of pink pussies and assholes. Even the logo honestly makes you think of a pink asshole filled with milk. The Milk Enema website is the brainchild of renewed director Jay Sin and is also part of the Evil Angel network, so another great feature is the fact that all members of Milk Enema also get access to another 20 or so other websites, some of which also specialized fetish sites, that are also included in the Evil Angel network, which is a great advantage for when you want a little bit of variety, although it’s not like you will get bored of Milk Enema any time soon.

Actresses & Video Quality

Milk Enema is a true hardcore site, and it is all about the ass, so unless you are into hardcore anal scenes you might want to look away because this website is definitely for the squeamish. All the videos are stamped with the date at which they were added, and while going through the site we did notice that there was a significant gap when next to no videos were uploaded onto the site, however that has since been remedied and the good people at Milk Enema have certainly made up for it by introducing a good amount of content in a very short time. All the videos and images have a very high resolution so no need to worry about how they will look like on a little screen because none of the details or the image quality will be lost, even if you are watching them on a phone. Right now there are about 85 videos that each last about 40 minutes that can either be streamed or downloaded and watched later, as well as around 65 galleries with high-resolution pictures that can also be downloaded if you so please.

In Few Words

This website is definitely not for everyone’s taste but that in itself is a good thing because it satisfies a niche fetish that often goes unaddressed and fulfills every enema enthusiasts need for great quality content.

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