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For those folks who have penned down the phrase size does not matter might have to come visit this site once. It will make them eat their words and eventually make their jaw drop in utter shock. The site name is Monsters of Cock; and features men having some of the biggest dicks in the porn industry! The chicks in the site have a lust for hard core pussy stretching sex which to be honest simply cannot be satisfied by an average tool. To fulfil their drill desires, cocks of colossal sizes have to be used. Safe to say they get the bone which they like to chew on and when they enter their glory holes, they moan out erotically signifying their appreciation. These chicks are superb in their looks and they always love to push their limits of every orifice and when they do get it, their unending sex hunger enables them to beg for more. Some of the sizes of the cocks on display is unbelievable and if you are a female porn browser or say a homosexual, their appearance will definitely make you horny and sexcited. Your juices will start to come out and you will want to play with them right at your place of existence. When I was inside the site, the size of the cocks did impress me but along with that another thing which I was delighted to see was the way these sexy girls handled those monsters. These girls were not in the least bit scared, though in some videos they were a bit nervous, but they somehow managed to bury them deep inside their pumping pussies or asses and slowly when things got normal to them, they urged their sex partners to drill harder. They also give out the right facial expressions and like pros move or swirl over these dicks in an ecstasy of sex. There are about 570+ erotic content to enjoy and about 570+ picture gallery each comprising of about 350 pictures each. The videos are quite good and they are also in supreme picture as well as sound quality. They are shot with some of the best HD cameras and will give you all the titillation which you crave for. The download as well as the streaming speed is also superb and so you can enjoy them online as well as offline. Now let us check out some of the technical aspects of the site such as the design, the navigation as well as how the site responds to some of the mobile phone operating systems in the market. So stick around.

Site Content

With so many things lined up in the home page, you will probably left thinking where to start accessing. Monsters Of Cock is simple in design but overwhelming in the materials which it incorporates. In terms of the menu options there are only three which are presented in the home page. They are the latest tab which show cases some of the recent additions which have been made by the site, the popular videos which showcases the ones which the members have liked the most and the join now option which takes you to the account set up page. A tag line is given at the head of the home page and that gives you an idea about what the site promises. The previews are presented in attractive thumbnails and they are also accompanied by the length of the action, the number of stars which it has got as well as the views which it has managed to accumulate. The clarity of the action is in 1280x720p HD and they play with just a single click. The streaming speed is also impressive and makes the previews run smoothly. The clean presentation of the site is what intrigued me when I visited it for the first time. I also noticed that there were not many irritating advertisements as well as pop up banners which defy your views. The user interface is also great and will make your time in the site a memorable one. Monsters Of Cock is also a certified one and runs all its dealings abiding the laws laid down by the government. It is also RTA certified and does not run any illegal as well as malware operations. It is also compatible with some of the popular operating systems in the market and because of that benefit; you will get the option of checking the updates as well as logging into your account while even being on the run. The account set is easy and require you to enter your details such as your name and email and also a username and a watch word to set up your account. The packages are also incorporated in the packages and selecting the one which appeals to your pockets, you can simple send out the request. The smooth functioning facility of the site ensures that you are given a notification instantly and if the verdict is a positive one, you can begin checking out all the stuff which stacks up the different pages of the site. The payment as per the norms of the site has to be carried out using the credit card as well as debit card payment mode and also there is also a link to its customer care aid desk to solve any complications which come your way in the form of payments as well as your account.

Actresses & Video Quality

The girls are hot and they love to play with giant cocks. These dicks are long and big, in fact never would you have come across dicks of this size. These girls however are superb performers and will deal with these monsters in superlative manner. They will rub it erotically, they will also suck it dry and make it fuck appropriate and when these giants have reached their max length, they will dig it inside their glory holes and enjoy the thrust which is exerted out of it. Blondes, brunettes, red heads, tender aged as well as mature women, all get fucked by these massive dicks and with the looks of their body language and their facial expressions, you can say they enjoy it more than anyone else. The videos and pictures mirror each other. The pictures are downloaded as zip files as well as watched online as slide shows and as for the videos; they are downloaded as MP4, WMV, MOV as well as AVI formats. They are also streamed using the flash player of the site. There are also numerous bonus sites which are accessible as soon as you become an affiliate and each of them along with this one is great in terms of the updates.

In Few Words

This interracial porn site is definitely worth a look. It is not meant for a specific genre of porn lovers but it universal in nature. There are many that hold the view point that if it was not for the bonus sites, Monsters Of Cock would have not been so popular, well this is to tell them that the site is great on its own and has stuff which will give the best of sites a good competition and that too without the bonuses.

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