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While some have day jobs as company executives, others like to fly planes, yet others just want to be movie directors and make blockbuster movies for the world to wow at. NerdPervert goes far beyond making blockbuster movies, it’s the director’s day job to go about fucking real chicks in their dozens, for free. His fuck escapades with would-be porn chicks are filmed and stacked in this mighty library. Indeed, it’s a sight we have not seen before.

Real and authentic chicks willing to do anything for money and glory, for fame and fortune, fall into his snare as he traps them with charm, panache, as well as a great deal of seduction and lying to bang them one after the other. This dude is so cool, so sweet-tongued, and so convincing. All he needs to do is to tease and talk them into making sex videos which would propel them to stardom, claiming to be a top notch porn movie director. One by one, the damsels have been obliging, and gradually, his dream of becoming a top-notch porn videos director has come true. The tons of mesmerizing and action-packed, real porn movies in this library proves this dude as the ultimate adult entertainment director in the world. With such low budget, no special studios or props, and just armed with his camera and mic, he has recorded thousands of scenes where he his fucking the finest and most endowed chicks in town. No matter how highly placed these ladies are, no matter how hot and beautiful they are, and no matter how elusive they try to be, our guy always ends up getting into their panties and giving them the most erotic and romantic fuck sessions of their lives. How he does it remains a trade secret only he knows.

With his mini but very powerful camera, he captures the best moments of hot divas kneeling and sucking the hell out of his large cock, of ladies kissing and scissoring each other, of boyfriends banging their ex-girlfriends in the craziest revenge porn videos, and of mature couples just making love and having fun. So far it’s sexual, so far it’s erotic, and so far it would be appealing to the eyes of porn lovers, our guy would record it in grand style. And just like that, he has filled a whole library with some of the most fascinating and most incredible sex shows ever seen on earth. It’s amazing and wonderful what the will of one man can achieve once he sets his mind into doing stuff.

He may look like a nerd, but don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary nerd; he is the perfect pervert with the ultimate formula to get into the panties of any chick out there and fuck her silly. This formula is yet to fail and has earned him access to the craziest porn parties, graduation fuck fest, campus group fucking nights, and so many other kinds of places where sex orgy is the main aim. Armed with his camera, he continues to film while others get into amazing fuck frenzy, swapping partners and fucking like crazy. He never leaves, though, until he gets his own share and satisfaction from the parties. This singular factor makes NerdPervert unique and different from every other porn videos out there. Others are filled with porn models who only act out scripts and do the director’s every bidding just to get paid at the end. On the hand, the chicks featured on NerdPervert put their all into producing stunning sex shows that would wow you and leave you awed for a long time, all in a bid to become famous, rich, and glamorous. Indeed, the motivations are different and a world apart.

The tons of exciting videos cover as many niches as you would want to see. From lesbians kissing to hot blowjobs and cumshots, to special cock stroking sessions, anal fucking, pussy banging, ruthless gang bangs, amazing threesomes, nonstop pussy thrusting, and plenty of romantic caressing like never seen before. The POV shows are simply spectacular and vivid to watch. With NerdPervert as your daily companion, you would not require a single moment searching for hot and splendid fuck fun online. It’s all packaged and presented here in style. Instant access to NerdPervert is granted once subscribed, and a door of bliss and absolute enjoyment is opened, flooding your mind with spectacular fuck shows off the best standards ever seen.

Site Content

One guy, dozens of ladies; one camera; awesome POV positioning and recording; and one single site, loads of fast paced sex action to thrill the world. Indeed, NerdPervert has taken voyeurism to the very next level and made a success out of it. You can subscribe to the site in different membership categories depending on how fat your wallet is. This ease makes the site available to all and sundry around the world. The site is also secure and safe from hackers and cyber criminals. For the price of a cup of tea, you can be a part of this history-making website and get more bonuses out of your subscription too.

Actresses & Video Quality

The fact that the chicks on this site are amateur ladies seeking stardom and fame makes their acts so original, raw, and spectacular. With just one word, they strip and do all our guy asks them to. This way, we get to see nothing but authentic and spontaneous sex acts; no drama, no pretense. This factor makes the videos unique, fast-paced, and stimulating to watch. It’s a site like no other out there.

In Few Words

You haven’t seen anything spectacular until you join NerdPervert and get more sex action than any site can even dare to offer. Try it today and be glad you did!

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