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Are you looking for real older women porn site? Tired of being lied by sites that think a woman in her 30s is already old? Well, it is about time you meet a site that offers a real deal. This is a review of OldestWomenSex, a site full of “real” older women so you won’t be disappointed. For women in their 60’s and above yet still active in sex, age is just a number.

The ladies in OldestWomenSex don’t think old age could be used as an excuse to stop enjoying sex. They believe sex is for everyone regardless of age, as long as you still have the desire for it. And these ladies show in their videos that they still got what it takes to have a good sex. Come to think of it! When you watch the more than 200 videos in this site, you will know that their libido still active and work fine. So much that you will be surprised and can even beat timid women, half their age when it comes to fucking.

In this site, although the ladies have the skin wrinkled and the hair already gray, they are not coy or shy to get naked in front of the camera. In fact, you see in all of the videos that these women aren’t hot nor do they have bodies to die for. All the models are certainly like the older women you see in the grocery store or marketplaces, except instead of cooking or shopping, you see them sucking, masturbating and fucking. The ladies are professional and really enjoy fast and hard fucking now and then, no doubt about it. They also come from across the world, so you have a mixed race here, some women from the United States, Germany and then some from other countries. So, you can definitely find older women that suit your taste.

Site Content

The design and layout of OldestWomenSex are pretty basic yet cute. The color theme of white and pink fits their theme and the homepage overall look pleasant to the eyes. It has the necessary features to make browsing less time-consuming. In other words, you will have an easy time finding what you want to see. The site 100% easy-to-understand interface developed with your satisfaction in mind.

You pretty much have an idea of how the site looks like, it’s time to know the features you will find once you sign up for membership. Aside from gorgeous pretty older women, there are plenty of things to look forward to on this site. For example, the awesome videos here you can watch repeatedly anytime and anywhere you went. You can download over 200 videos in multiple formats. These videos can be downloaded in WMV and MP4 formats. And the good thing is, the downloadable full-length videos are high-quality that even though they are not exactly HD quality, you can still have a grand time watching the scenes. In addition to downloading, the site also offers to stream in two modes. You can stream in your browser through the embedded flash player in the video. Take note, the videos are also mobile friendly so you can take your porn anywhere you want. And you download any movies you want to your hard disk for there is no DRM restriction.

What’s more! The site has photo galleries optimized for easy browsing. You see, each video comes with a screenshot of the scenes and they are available for download. You can download the amateur-level pictures with dimensions mostly in 1600×1200 in zip files. Aside from downloadable videos and pictures, they also have great member community tools that you can use. For example, you can use the tool to leave comments and post your own stuff to share with other members. The community tools are great and fun to use as you can meet and interact with fellow porn enthusiasts. The tools include adding movies to favorites and tool to see what other site members uploaded. That’s not all, all members of OldestWomenSex also get encrypted sign up process, daily updates and bonus sites.

Actresses & Video Quality

OldestWomenSex is a good source of porn especially for those who are into older women. The site is loaded with downloadable, in which, most of the videos nonexclusive solo and hardcore featuring women in their 40s up, 50s and some even in their 70s. The models as expected are not hot nor do they have sexy bodies for this is a site focused on older women. Although the white models are amateur looking with body types of slim, chubby, and just old, they can definitely suck, fuck and masturbate like the girls half their age and could even beat their own granddaughters.

The women that come from different countries and still enjoy hardcore action won’t disappoint you. Honestly, they will surprise you with their awesome performances, as you will see on all the videos in this site. The videos that looked pretty awesome overall are sure to bring you the best time of your life. And there are enough high-quality videos to keep you occupied for a while here. Some of the videos even have an old woman banging stuff that you would never think of using in sex.

In Few Words

In general, the site is pretty good even though the videos here weren’t in high-definition quality and only a few exclusive. The content can certainly keep you busy for awhile and most importantly can make you happy. OldestWomenSex is worth recommending to friends, family, and neighbors as you can have a pleasant time browsing and watching the materials here. It is a site created with customer’s satisfaction in mind. At OldestWomenSex, you can jerk off as much as you want as they got bonus sites and other stuff that makes the membership benefits worth the cost. This site has been closed, visit our list of premium porn site reviews to choose another membership.

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