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If you have a certain preference for genuine amateur sex movies, you should definitely check out Our Home Clips. The site includes a gigantic gallery of video clips and photos, consisting of more than 260 GB. The homemade sex videos and photos are sorted into these categories: anal, Asian couple, big boobs girls, big dick, blowjob, closeup, creampie, cumshot, cum in mouth, homemade, group sex orgies, handjob, interracial, lesbian, masturbation, mature, nude chicks, pussy hot, titjob and sex toys. This structure on the categories makes the user navigation easy and the overall impression of the site user friendly. There are other navigational options as well, but the categories are the easy way.

Site Content

In today’s selection of homemade and amateur sex photos and videos, there are a lot of different choices at display, from the flat-out terrible, to the mediocre, to the usable, to Our Home Clips. It’s got a simple, handy design, the member terms and security are among the best in the business, the prices and discounts are really good, and the already huge catalog of photos and videos on the site, gets a fresh supply of new videos and photos every single day. Non-members are offered a free tour, and can opt to view a screen shot from any of the available videos, but in order to get access to the amazing archive of movie clips, you’ll need to sign up for a membership. There are several methods of signing up. CCBill and Epoch both have pretty straight-forward solutions. If you sign up for 90 day membership duration or more, you will get a substantial discount. I really love the colors chosen to represent the site; the yellow, the red, the blue and white. The combinations of colors makes the images appear even more attractive.

Actresses & Video Quality

In 8 years Our Home Clips has supplied homemade porn videos and photos to more than 20 000 customers. Members get daily porn updates, and get the opportunity to set up their mobile devices for optimal use of the site. I can personally recommend the mobile device options. Of course, it’s not easy to give recommendations when it comes to selection of photos and videos. I’ve watched hundreds of movies of the same high standard without one single letdown. I wish I could have recommended everything I’ve seen. For simplicity, I’ll just point out a few movies and clips, some of the more recently ones, so they are really, really easy to find. Mind you, finding some seven year old clip is not hard, either!

The girl in the clip ‘Teencoupledoingnicesex’ makes me crazy. Her movements, the genuine sounds she makes as the attractive couple go along at it on their private bed, just takes me back to some really good memories. I really enjoy the look of the girls of the clips ‘Teenblowjobandcuminmouth’ and ‘GF sucking dick with facial end’. They both seem to share the same realistic elegance and raw energy, and I really enjoy watching these two clips consecutively, sometimes times and times again. Another of my favorites in this category, to be precise: close up fellatio, is titled ‘Nerdy GF sucking dick’. I love the way this girl wearing glasses looks! Sometimes, though, I feel the need to protest against the eternal and tedious connection between nerds and glasses. There are some of us that actually don’t use glasses, but are still nerds! Can someone please pay attention to us for a minute?

Back to the movie clips, I just have to recommend a couple of clips from the other categories too. These clips are also easy to find. Check out, under the Anal Sex Videos category, the ‘Monster cock in my ass’ video. Wow, just wow! There’s another one in there called ‘DPwithamateurbabe’, a movie that any fan of DP needs to watch. Incidentally, both my favorite porn stars are amateurs, and can be found in the Our Home Clips’ compartment for Big Dick Amateur Sex Videos. I’m a little bit worried that sharing this magic might abbreviate my own pleasure, but what the heck: ‘TeenGFsuckingfatdick’ and ‘Veryhotamateurbabereceives’. If these girls don’t knock your boots of, then you are certainly nothing like me when it comes to homemade sex clips preferences!

In Few Words

I almost forgot one more category I have to urge you to check out before I conclude that Our Home Clips is the ultimate collection of homemade sex clips. I am talking about the Creampie home porn clips category. It may sound like a strange thing to recommend. I don’t usually like sex movies in that category anyway. I don’t know why, it has just never been my thing, I guess. For a long time I also hesitated about trying the Creampie home porn clips category of the Our Home Clips. Now I can tell you I have not for one second regretted changing my mind.

This place, this jewel hidden inside Our Home Clips, is something really out of the ordinary. It’s just that the girls you’ll find in this category at Our Home Clips, are incredibly hot! All of them, for some reason. Just browse through the clips one by one, and you will see what I’m talking about. I guarantee you, you’ll have problems leaving your computer or taking the eyes off your mobile device once you access this secret. But don’t worry. Even if you really, really hate creampies, you’ll find treasures for days and weeks, on the Our Home Clips website. This website doesn’t exist anymore, choose another premium amateur porn website.

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