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There are people who gets turned on while watching beautiful, hot women get their pussies ripped and stretched by massive cocks, there is something about the type of moan and scream that they make wherein you can tell that they are enjoying it and that they are filled with lust, some people even have a fetish over watching the size differences. However looking for a high-quality adult entertainment site that will cater to this fetish is a bit difficult to find, that is when Petite18 was launched, to be able to deliver the best and the highest quality of videos to satisfy the sexual cravings of those who loves to see monster cocks stretching tight pussies.

Site Content

Once you open this adult entertainment site you will see hundreds of their high definition videos all arranged in pages, they also have a high-resolution picture as their logo and they also have high-resolution gifs of women bouncing on massive cocks or women having their pussies pounded. At the top left side of the page you will see five tabs, one is the scene request wherein you can send the type of scene that you have always fantasized about and have it turn into reality with the participation of your favourite model, you can write your email and full name and write the scene in detail, the site will be more than willing to deliver it for you.

The second one is the updates area wherein you can check the latest updates on the site and the latest updates on their models; the third one is the models tab wherein you will be able to see the profiles of their models, it has their high-resolution profile pictures, their full name and their height. The fourth one is the members area wherein you can participate in a forum that is created so that the members can communicate with each other and discuss their favourite scenes and models, and the last one is the instant access tab wherein you can sign up as a member of the site. As for their contents they have about 1,200 high definition videos, all of which are downloadable and can be accessed through PCs, tablets, Smartphones and PS3s.

Actresses & Video Quality

Petite18 has thousands of scenes with different hot scenarios. In one video it showed a girl in her room reading a book, she was wearing a pink tank top and a blue skirt, there was a sudden knock on her door so she stood up and opened it only to see her teacher, then she ushered him to come inside her room. Her teacher told her about how hard she failed her exams and that meant she was not able to graduate, she was upset and looked for an easy way out: she asked her teacher if there was something that she could do to pass her exams and the teacher then saw an opportunity to get laid. He then offered her to do something that would have given her an extra credit, she understood the hint that was given and she began caressing and touching him.

She opened his zipper and took his cock out and started sucking it immediately, she rubbed his shaft and played with his balls as he slowly took his clothes off, as she was giving him a blowjob he reached out and removed her pink tank top to reveal her bare breasts, he then squeezed it and pinched and flicked her nipples all the while she was still sucking his cock. As both of them were already naked, he lifted her and made her ride him, his massive cock instantly stretched her tight pussy; she used his legs for support as she slowly inserted the cock on her, she carefully went down and as she was able to adjust to the size she pulled up before going back down again and in a matter of seconds she was bouncing on him and riding him like a bull.

As she bounced on him he continued squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, he then lifted her again without pulling out and laid her sideways on the bed, it was him who started getting control as he thrust his hip and moved his waists as he pounded his cock into her pussy while he lifted her leg up to gain more access. He went deeper and faster as he banged her sideways and her breasts moved and jiggled from the impact, he then made her lay on her back as he lifted both of her legs up, stretching her hole more and he rammed his cock into her, he went in and out as fast and deep as he could making the woman moan and scream out of pure pleasure and lust. He used her legs for support that were almost folded and was so high that her toes were touching her forehead and he just continued ramming his massive cock into her, stretching her and making her reach her climax and cum on him. The video then ended with her still laying on her back on the bed exhausted and he shot his load all over her stomach and breasts.

In Few Words

The female models of this adult entertainment site have an average height of about 5’1 while the male models of this site have massive cocks that becomes double the size once they are fully erect, now imagine these two combining and you will get the hottest, kinkiest and the most hardcore video. Watch as these women try so hard to get all of the massive cocks inside them. The scenes on this site will surely excite you.

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