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Are you wondering about the best spanking websites? Or maybe looking for a site that focuses on whipping, slapping butts? If you are then this is your lucky day for this is a review of PunishedAngels. The website specializes in girls getting spanked, whipped and slapped in the bare bottoms. PunishedAngels is a website that features all girls spanking content. This website has been providing cool content from the start. They have large selections of videos where their lovers, friends, partners and much older girls discipline the girls. The action scenes that you will see on this website are both clothed and nude spanking. You will also see some girls playing with sex toys and their pussies. Once a member you get access to the site awesome videos collection and bonus websites. You can visit over 40 fetish sites when you want to check out other porn sites. The bonus websites are part of the FetishNetwork, which PunishedAngels is a member. Aside from bonus sites, the website also offers downloadable of whipping videos, spanking, paddling and swollen asses. These videos are possible to download instantly by members. The videos are high quality so you can clearly see the swollen butts of the girls. This website also has photo galleries. Each scene has screenshot that you can download one at a time for later viewing. But, they do offer a slideshow wherein you can just sit back and enjoy the photos as they scroll automatically on your screen.

Site Content

Simplicity and functionality are what the site offers members. The website designed to be simple but highly functional so you can navigate the site easily. They put importance to easy navigation, as they want you to get to where you want to see in less time. So, browsing the 100s videos and the bonus sites is hassle free. PunishedAngels is part of the FetishNetwork where you get free access to more than 40+ websites. The entire network has over 3500 fetish videos that you can browse and watch whenever and wherever you are in the world. Some of the websites parts of the network that you can check out include BrutalCastings, RoughSex and HelplessTeens. These websites offer full HD videos of spanking, BDSM, FemDom, Hardcore action categories and awesome features. At the time of this review, PunishedAngels have over 100s awesome videos that you can see and enjoy. The videos are available for viewing or instant download in MP4 format. The quality of the videos is good that you can clearly see the action especially the girls reddish butts that got spanked several times. Aside from the instant video download, you can also download screen grabs of scenes. You can view the photos of each scene from the photo galleries. The photos are available for instant viewing as they do have a slideshow. The slideshows allows you to relax and just enjoys watching the pictures scroll to the end automatically. Take note, the photos are quite decent, good enough for slideshow viewing. The members can rate the videos and the scenes with the best content get to the “Top Rated” section of the site. In this website, you also find the personal info of the master spanker, Chelsea Pfeiffer. She is a spanking enthusiast, writer, editor, video producer and photographer. Get to know the master spanker even more by visiting her bio page, which is located right beside the video button. All you need to do is click the bio button to get to the bio page. PunishedAngels offer good content and weekly updates. So, you will know when there is a fresh video published.

Actresses & Video Quality

PunishedAngels boast of high-quality spanking content. This site offers an all girls spanking videos for fetish addicts and lover of spanking, whipping, and other bottom-disciplined fetishes. The girls featured in all the videos are hot, pretty and amateurs. The models are disciplined for doing naughty things. If you enjoy watching women submit to a spanking, whipping and other types of discipline, visit the site. In this website, you will see lots of pretty, hotties get spanked until their tushies reddish. The site has amateur girls laying smack down getting a bare bottom spanking by their girlfriends, lovers or partners. Some of the videos will really make you feel good if you are into spanking discipline. For example, in the video of Madame Zola’s Dance, you will see a ballerina sluts get spanked for missing out of rehearsals. Madame Zola is a very strict instructor and she makes sure, all the dancers follow the rules. Unfortunately, for Ballerina AnnaBelle, not attending the rehearsal is a grave offense and then comes a lot of spanking. Another scene worth watching is “A Scarlet Letter.” The video features Molly, a girl who cheats on her friend Natalie. Molly had a fling with Natalie’s boyfriend and the latter discovered the secret when the remorseful boyfriend confessed in a letter. Natalie discovered the letter in a trash bin and disciplined Molly for having sex with her boyfriend. These two videos are just some of the scenes that you will enjoy watching. The site has over 100s videos with scenes that will make you cringe, excited and happy.

In Few Words

PunishedAngels is an all girl-spanking-girl website. The website offers awesome girl-girl content and decent features. You will love the site selections of videos featuring hot, pretty girls that enjoy submitting to spanking, paddling, whipping and other and bare-bottoms discipline. At PunishedAngels, you get not just cool spanking videos but also access to different websites. Members get free access to 40+ fetishes websites without paying additional fees. That’s giving you more scenes to enjoy wherever and wherever you want to relax. This website is worth checking out especially if you are a fetish enthusiast. So, visit the site and discover the member’s benefits awaiting you.

This site doesn’t exist anymore, check out more great xxx stuff on our best fetish porn sites list.


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