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For a lot of us, porn will always be the ultimate go-to once that “feeling” comes by and when we feel a little lonely than usual. This is because porn brings us something most stuff can’t, and we all know that is pleasure. Porn comes in many different themes and genres, and fortunately, even the silliest ones are worth the mention. I love to take on really odd themes that pack quite the punch simply because they are unique and really unexpected. Right now, the industry is filled with companies that take pride in vamping their own sites and adding really interesting videos. Unfortunately, only a few can totally be remembered and only a few can make a mark in this fast growing industry that adds new sites on the internet almost every single day. With that growth, it is no wonder that it becomes hard for people to find something really worthwhile.

Thank the heavens for those companies that like whipping out really quality porn sites then, huh? I can name a few but we will save that for later. What I would like to shed light on right now is ExtremeMovieCash and their long list of really awesome porn sites that practically stretches out to hundreds of fetishes and genres. Now, when I say ExtremeMovieCash, it automatically points out to the huge porn company that has brought joy to a lot of people with their amazingly unique take on porn and so much more. They have had setbacks but majority of their works are delightful and just a joy to watch, not to mention, really unforgettable. ExtremeMovieCash likes to bring about one of a kind porn sites and I can certainly name a few for you to check out; just like SafariSex.

The name itself is a bit odd and a bit unusual but it has a ring to it and it does catch your attention at some point. If you think the site’s title is out of this world then just wait until you find yourself inside this wild safari adventure. SafariSex is where you find the most exotic, most eccentric, and probably the most bizarre adult videos you have and will ever see. SafariSex will show you how it is done in the green lands of a hunting ground where they do not hunt animals but women instead. You will see male individuals scour the lands for the hottest women they will see, then after that, the not so unexpected undertaking ensues, like it is the most normal thing ever. SafariSex has been around earlier this year, 2016, and despite that short amount of time, they still managed to throw around really hardcore and really enigmatic scenes for people to enjoy. Here you will find the hottest ebony girls in the land and you will ultimately see how they pleasure their partner or their partners.

Site Content

SafariSex has a very fun website design and the company seems to love fitting the layout design of the site to its content. That in itself, SafariSex gets the “wildlife” sort of theme going on and it basically speaks a lot regarding the site it represents. The background is of a forest, with a giraffe right in the middle (talk about implementation and all that jazz) and the rest of the site’s arrangement is settled with black sub backgrounds, white fonts, and barely there borders. The navigation in this site is adequately and more or less very simple. The interface is convenient, adaptable, and easy to manage and understand. It may seem a little cluttered and all at first but when you get the hang of it, you will realize that everything else inside is foolproof and accessible.

The site currently does not support any photo galleries, but it is nothing surprising since the company that manages it usually do not put up any photo galleries in majority of their porn sites; the future may hold differently though and we might be seeing tons of it later on. You can have video caps to distract you, if you do not mind; the video caps are also in hi-res but they are usually just stills from the videos. All the content found here is greatly exclusive and you will not be finding them anywhere else for that matter. Also, unlike its other predecessors, SafariSex does not have bonus sites for their subscribers but this is likely because the site has only been around for a few months. They usually give out these freebies later on after a year or two, so keep your fingers crossed.

Actresses & Video Quality

The girls in SafariSex are all ebonies and they are a beauty to behold. No wonder these hunters cannot keep their hands off them. As they fuck their way around, mostly in the outlands and the dirt beneath their feet, you will see the usual things that happen in a normal porn video; also, there is a not-so-subtle hint of BDSM going on around here, as you will see chains and chokers, whips and ball gags, and so many more. Don’t worry because you can watch all these in-browser with your updated Flash player, or merely download them in MP4 format. All the videos seem to be in HD with a pixel resolution of 1440 x 1080 or a lower 1280 x 720.

In Few Words

SafariSex is wild and it is filled with misadventures that just arouse a viewer. Also, the quality is great and the video count is decent despite it being around for only a short amount of time. The plot is unique and I doubt you will find the same theme anywhere else. So, you might want to check this out and enjoy the perks of going on a sex-driven safari adventure.

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