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I have been an avid explorer of porn for a very, very long time and I must say I have across plenty of really horrid ones and ones that you will never forget because they will always be etched in your memory as something really amazing. These days though, it feels like I have not come across anything that warrants a good remembrance and recollection, so I am always on the hunt for great porn sites. Above anything else, one thing that really gets to me is lesbian porn. There is just something about lesbian porn that makes it so worthwhile and so amazing. Is it because it has twice or thrice the number of girls in one sex scene? Maybe. Or maybe it is because the sex scenes itself is quite a sight to behold.

Nevertheless, there is just something about these lesbian porn sites that lull you into buying a membership and binge watch everything from top to bottom. One of the lesbian porn sites I am into right now and will still be into in the future because of their amazing posts and updates is SapphicLovers. Sapphic, if you are not all too familiar with the terminology, is another term for lesbian. Well, SapphicLovers has been around for quite some time now, having been formally launched on November 2014 by the well-known porn network ExtremeMovieCash. This lesbian porn site, which I refer to as estrogen heaven, is something that is known for their ultimate takes on lesbian sex scenes.

They have been nominated for a lot of awards and they seemingly have bagged a few, as I heard and read and that fact alone is not really much of a wonder since this porn site has plenty of wonders to be proud about, starting with their girls down to their sex scenes. If you ever come across this site and you decide to stay, that will be the most amazing and magnificent decision you will ever make in the entirety of your life or existence. Okay, so I am wee bit exaggerating but yeah, you get my drift. The site is a treasure trove filled with lots of precious gems that you will not be able to get over with for a very long time. Once you get the taste of this great escape then you will have a very hard time turning back or do not at all.

Site Content

If you are the type of person who values simplicity over anything else, then surely this site would entice you in one way or another. The website design for SapphicLovers is ultimately at the peak of minimalism. It is so simple that it looks really great. It makes you concentrate more on what they have to offer as a porn site rather than distract you with the unnecessary design. With its white walls and pink borders, stylized by its grey and black fonts, the site seems really neat and ordered. The navigation is fairly easy and the interface is truly user-friendly. If you have not signed up for a membership yet, you should do so now because you will not be able to access any of the things SapphicLovers has contained unless you are a member. No trial versions of the site are made available too.

Once you are inside the site, it becomes easy to navigate your way through and across. The most vital links are found on top the site, just a little above the huge slideshow banner SapphicLovers has of girls in different positions and poses. You will find the ‘Home’ button here which will evidently lead you to the main page once you click on it. The ‘Our Network’ button which will prompt you to where the network page. You also have the ‘Movies’ button which will basically and automatically navigate you to the page where all the movies are found. You get the ‘Bonus’ button where you will find the free sites you have access to.

The ‘Models’ button will lead you to the model index page. The model index will show you portraits of girls, along with it their names, ages, and short biographies. You can also rate the videos and comment on them if you wish to do so. The comments are not moderated and most other members of the site can easily read them. Bonus sites are available and accessible using your SapphicLovers membership and these are all for free just as long as they are listed among the freebies and is still under the ExtremeMoviePass network.

Actresses & Video Quality

Slim, tall, short, curvy, athletic, toned, these are a few of the ladies that can be found in SapphicLovers. Since the site celebrates lesbians, expect a ton of them here. You will see them lick and fuck each other, as well as fondle each other, while kissing really heatedly. The site is both erotic and hardcore, also really sensual. All the scenes amount to 100+ and can be viewed via streaming in your browser or downloaded in either MP4 or WMV format. The pixel resolutions available are at 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. There is no download limit.

In Few Words

When you take into account every single thing I just covered and more, you will notice that SapphicLovers is truly an amazing site with really amazing features. So heads up guys, this site is awesome. Totally recommended to those of you who are huge fans of lesbians and lesbian sites.

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