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Who says nerdy chicks are good at sciences and book stuff only; why do we all believe that these geeky, glass wearing starlets do not have time for lads, parties, or sex; why is the illusion so common, tinkering with the truth that these are some of the hottest cock fuckers in the world? These are questions that propelled SheIsNerdy to go all out and prove every one of those myths, assumptions, and illusions wrong. And a good job they have done with this wonderful website that has finally dispelled all the lies and half-truths about these set of amazing ladies.

True, they are book-worms, nerdy geeks that love bookish stuff more than they love food; but sex is one thing that surpasses their urge to read in near-dark and lonely corners; hot, hardcore banging is one thing that can take them away from the library, laboratory, and science fares. Not their parents, not the teachers, and certainly not their friends can talk them into stopping being engrossed in their books, except the allure and bliss that erotic and romantic sex carries with it; these chicks are ready to give it all up and enjoy some great times with dudes that do not believe they are weird and drab.

In fact, it is the weird and drab nature people ascribe to them that makes them want to prove people wrong. While we all assume that they are boring companies and are not great conversationalists, they augment all these deficiencies with the power of their cunts and assholes. Even if they do not say much or go out too often, they ensure that their secret sex life is intact and advancing exponentially. The senior high chicks paraded on this site make professional porn models look like learners. They fuck anywhere and everywhere possible. You’ll see them getting laid in the quiet library, in the geeky laboratory, in detention rooms, at home on the couch, or in secluded spots at parties. They are unstoppable once they get into that frame of mind that makes their urge for orgasm shoot through the roof.

These spectacular cuties fuck anyone available. From their science teachers to the janitor, the class representative, the football coach, the basketball team captain, and even the head of the institution. No matter who, no matter the size of the cock, and no matter the intensity of sex you think these chicks cannot handle, they would shock you in these videos. They do some amazing and dazzling stuff that mature porn chicks would cringe at in shock. These ladies are naturally talented and possess some innate skills that make them true porn stars in the making. Forget the eye glasses, forget the geeky looks, forget the books, microscopes, and telescopes, these damsels pack a punch under their skirts; they possess some weapons underneath that are sure to make any man ejaculate and release his semen in bucket loads.

Once given the opportunity, these crazy but quiet chicks would suck on that cock without saying a word from start to finish; but on the other hand, the guy would scream and moan out of immense pleasure he is getting from their deep throats. And when it’s time for pussy penetration, their amazingly tight pussies filled with hard muscles contract with such wetness and power that makes sliding in and out most magical. They also have serious firepower in their assholes. With such tight and very fresh holes in their butts, they make men ask for more after one entrance; it’s a blissful sight to see these starlets take in huge long cocks in their assholes and just shake them off as if nothing has happened.

Site Content

The stunning and breathtaking videos users get to enjoy on this site are courtesy of the most advanced HD camera technology used to record the scenes. This makes the models glow and shine like a million diamonds. Further to that, the videos can be streamed online or downloaded into other formats that would easily play on any mobile device of your choice without losing the crispness and vividness. Also, users are offered the opportunity to subscribe in a flexible manner; some weekly, some monthly, and others, yearly. Whatever the choice, the experience remains outstanding.

Actresses & Video Quality

The nerdy chicks shown in the videos are spectacular and simply world class. Even if they’re fresh, they are already showing signs of porn greatness. Forget the uniform, spectacles, and books; these chicks are damn good in the art of hardcore fucking.

In Few Words

SheIsNerdy parades the finest and sexiest uniformed chicks in glasses ever found. They are as beautiful as they are sexy; they are as tough as they are creative; they are as horny as they are willing to do crazy things just to get satisfied sexually, and they are as hot as they are adventurous. These are the kinds of chicks that are willing to go the whole nine yards just to find out if a guy is hot enough or has such huge cock as is being whispered across the neighborhood; they are willing to take any dude that tries to intimidate them. For them, winning in the art of sex is a great way of showing how tough they truly are. Exceptional cuties, great camera technology, affordability, and ease of use. Those are stuff that make this site so unique and outstanding compared to the rest.

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