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In America, there are at least 27 million people who are actively shoplifting from fashionable clothing boutiques to high-end fashion retailers, making the industry lose $45 million a year. In these situations, it is up to the Loss Prevention Officers to stop these criminals and teach them a hard lesson. That is the mission of any Loss Prevention Officer and they will do anything and everything just to catch anyone who dares to steal from retail stores. But as we all know, the apprehended suspects will begin to apologize profusely, but no amount of “I’m sorry!” will stop them from going to jail. But what happens when these suspects get a wee bit too desperate? Here at Shoplyfter, you will get a chance to see the misdemeanors done by wild and irresponsible fresh girls who think shoplifting is just a pretty crime. Crime certainly does not pay, but when you can bribe the LP Officers, it sure is a cheap thrill!

Site Content

Petty larceny has never been this hot at Shoplyfter. Shoplyfter is a project by adult video media power house Team Skeet and it was launched early last year. When the website first started out, it had a nostalgic feeling to it, with some X-Files reference and how they take cute mug shots of the pretty, I mean, petty thieves. Since then, they have consistently made their website better over the months and right now, I can say they haven’t even reached the peak of their growth yet. When I first saw Shoplyfter early last year, they only had a couple of videos and you could only stream those online. But now, what’s got me hooked are the weekly updates, mobile device compatibility and unlimited streaming & downloading of videos. Let’s start with the first feature, weekly updates.

Now, once a week updates may not be a big deal for the porn enthusiasts out there, but it was a rather big leap from the once in a while updates which varied from once every two weeks to once a month. Now it’s a consistent weekly update of adorable criminals in short skirts. The second feature is the mobile compatibility. I remember a time when I was in the bathroom, in the mood for some self-loving when I discovered that you can’t view the videos on my mobile phone. It was a real bummer, but now I can easily navigate their website with one hand. The final and my most favorite feature of them all is the unlimited streaming and downloading. Based on my previous visit, you could only download whatever quality video was available, now you have the option to stream or download all videos in low, medium or high quality. Their high quality is set at 1080p which is more than basic for high quality. Honestly, their features have changed over time and what made me stop what I was doing and sign up for membership were the ladies.

Actresses & Video Quality

These girls are nubile amateurs who will do just about anything to escape a trip to jail or worse, have their parents know! The usual plot for almost every video goes like this: the store clerk will ask help from the LP Officers, showing them that they barely have money in the cash register and have some merchandise missing. The LP Officers either set up a sting operation or dress up as civilians and discreetly follow them around as hidden camera catch then in the act. Once captured, they are quietly apprehended and meet with almost no resistance and led to the LP Office where they will be processed and questioned. The sexy suspect is then questioned and once proven, she is told that she will be sent to jail. They beg and plea to let them off with a warning but no such luck. Then they get really desperate and offer sex for their silence as well as they return or pay for the stolen merchandise. The LP Officers agree, but they will still keep their mug shots in their criminal database. It is unsure if these girls are female models or real, normal people, but one thing is for sure, they are naughty and they need to be disciplined and taught the hardest lesson.

In Few Words

To recap this review, let us look back into how they are now compared to how they were when they were first launched early March last year. Shoplyfter has a unique theme, they are a niche adult video website produced by adult video porn media Team Skeet and they have loads of new features that appeal to everyone. Compared to how they were when they launched early last year and now, it is a leap of difference. The website is more streamlined, less cluttered with the cheesy X-Files theme, and gave more updates. Shoplyfter updates weekly, they are mobile-friendly, they give members unlimited online streaming or downloading options in either low, medium or high resolution, they have high-quality photo galleries for every video upload and all it costs is less than meal at a fast food joint.

It’s no wonder that people are running in droves to catch a glimpse of what Shoplyfter has to offer. What more can I say about Shoplyfter? Shoplyfter may not be on the top list of adult video porn websites, but they are slowly clawing their way up to be one of the best adult video websites on the market? Shoplyfter has been one of the beat reality TV-like adult porn I have seen in a while and I have done my best to describe them but my words do no justice. I highly recommend that you sign up for membership, see the evidence yourself while you judge how naughty and bad these thieving girls are.

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