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SisLovesMe is one of the most slutty fresh girls porn sites that I ever encountered. Staying under one roof with a step-sister can be frustrating sometimes, but these fresh girls hardcore videos show us the interesting side of this scenario. This fresh girls xxx site may be new but it does not mean that it can’t deliver sexy fresh girls porn. This fresh porn site review will walk you through this.

Site Content

Another magnificent site from the Team Skeet network, SisLovesMe has a well-designed and easy to use website. The member’s area will never fail to amuse you with high-quality hardcore porn. You will be bombarded with series of HD graphics that show step-sisters getting fucked by their step-brothers. There are large thumbnails in the homepage to give you a sweet glimpse of the site’s contents. There are also some browsing options like filters but it is still not that vast. With the navigation and website design, I would rate it with an average rating since I think there’s still some room for improvements in this department.

The frequency of the update is also not consistent, but it mostly updates one to two videos in a week so I think I will give it four stars out of five. However, when it comes to the exclusivity and the quality of the videos, I think this is where the site brings too much effort in. The videos are all unique and a trademark of SisLovesMe. I am pretty sure that any videos from the collection are entirely for SisLovesMe only. The quality is also very flexible. You can choose between three stream and download qualities, low, medium and high. Videos are up to 1080p regardless if downloaded or not.

There are 63 videos in the collection where each runs approximately 40 minutes long. You can watch them online by using the site’s flash player, which is specifically designed to give convenience to the members of SisLovesMe. The flash player is medium to large in size. It has a functionality, where users can jump ahead of the scene immediately. The buffer time of the videos is also lowered down to one to three seconds only. You will also enjoy the smooth playback and the excellent quality of the videos. If you want to download it, you can also do it easily. The videos are downloaded into MP4 files. Depending on the length of the video, the file size would range from 250MB to 3GB. The photo gallery of the site is also something to look forward to.

There are also 63 photo galleries in the collection with 144 images each set. A set can be downloaded in zip file format. Looking at the pictures, I noticed that the image orientation is a mix of landscape and portrait. But all images are 1080×1620 though. The images are extremely fine in quality with little to no airbrushing and no lighting issues. The images are mostly indoor shots and even in full screen, they look very fine. In addition to that, members can also add comments, rate the videos and mark them as their favorites. The website is also mobile-friendly, which is a good thing nowadays, since people are spending more time on their mobile phones already.

Actresses & Video Quality

SisLovesMe has interesting models. These fresh looking girls are clearly very amateur in this field. But even so, I still don’t mind watching them in every action because they are all very gorgeous. They also perform very well and they really suit the innocent step-sister roles in some scenes. However, there are also some girls who go for the slutty and aggressive roles. Most of the models are white. In fact, in the videos that I saw, the girls have porcelain white shades that I really admire. The site does not have a model index so it is difficult to find some basic information about the models but I think most of them are US based. Their body type ranges from slender to average. Some girls have nice curves, perfect set of tits and flawless pussy. Some models that you should keep an eye on are Teanna Trump, Mandy Muse, and Aidra Fox. If they are not your type, don’t worry. You will most probably find a lot more in the collection.

In the scenes, there are little to no use of condoms. Moreover, the scenes are primarily focused on the stepbrother getting a revenge on her step-sister. And the best way to do it? Is to drill her pussy as hard as he can until she pleads in tears. But what actually happens is these slutty girls do not plead to stop but instead, they plead to ask for more. There will be a lot of fingering, pussy licking, cock sucking, ass pounding, titty fucking and a hardcore sex in different positions. There will also be sneaking out scenes where both keep themselves out of their parent’s eyesight. I think this type of scenes are the most erotic ones because they are risking themselves from getting caught. And most people get aroused with thrill and adventure, right?

In Few Words

I would say that the site has a pretty nice money value. I did not regret paying a few bucks for this site. The website design is also not as troublesome as you would think. If you are a first-timer, you’ll surely find it easy to navigate the site without getting intimidated. The reputation of the Team Skeet network is also nice so knowing that SisLovesMe comes from this network, it also adds to the appeal of the site. If you are someone who enjoys jerking off at the sight of a cute stepdaughter and a vengeful stepbrother fucking each other in a borrowed time at home, this site is your holy grail. SisLovesMe is a must-try site.

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