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Stmackenzies is a premium porn site with a special focus on the antics of students and teachers in school settings. The site presents soft porn content involving high school girls and their teachers in seductive scenarios and naughty girl stunts that remind you of the early days in your schooling. The site features some sexy hot girls who will do anything just to get their nude images watched online. Some scenes involve teachers being teased by their students in sexually trying moments.

Site Content

The site sports some attractive blends of pink and blue on their home page. The designer did some great work at portraying the site as a genuine school site; with blackboards and chalk all over the place. In fact the site is a real success in design and layout. It is a uniquely interesting platform where creativity has been merged with business. There are clear categories of the content outlined in a horizontal view across the top pane of the landing page. You are also provided with a several optional browsing tools including tagged captions of the scenes underneath. The site updates frequently enough to keep your interest on the cloud. There is a sliding image show on the top part of the landing page. I loved this slideshow. It is a great way to turn up the heat when a site has so much exciting stuff. There is a blackboard that has been creatively used to highlight all the entertainment scenes on the site. It really reignites the feeling of your high school days.

Actresses & Video Quality

The girls featured on this site are absolutely gorgeous and daring. They are smoking hot with a sense of adventure and a craving for tasting the forbidden fruit. The naughtiness on this site is impressively exciting. The girls are captured in all sorts of sexy designer lingerie and stockings. They sneak away from class and take nude pictures of themselves in the dormitory corridors. I love the way Sophia Smith poses with her School uniform as she tries the much she can to show off as much skin as she can. She lifts her head up as if to call the camera’s attention to her chest. She has painted her lips sexy red and shows off. I also loved the scene in which a teacher pays his student a visit in her dormitory and finds her stark naked but somehow she doesn’t seem to mind the teacher watching her goodies. I love the way the female teachers dress. They sport mini-dresses and sexy stockings that show their shape and skin as they stand before the class in teaching sessions. There are 147 videos to sample on the site. Each of these videos has an average playback time of 4 minutes. The files are made in WMV. The latest videos come with the best quality tweaks. If you wish to slow down a little, there is a set of galleries available. There are 270 galleries that contain 100 pics per set. The images can be downloaded in a zip file. The only down side for me is the fact that all content on the site is meant for downloading. There is no streaming option. I loved it still because it is steamy and clear stuff.

In Few Words

The site is a great porn platform that presents a creative and fresh way to entertain porn fans. The concept of teacher-student relationship is an age old reality we all love to hide away from, but it is a titillating experience for students when they get their teachers’ juices running as can be seen on this site.

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