When I was still a wee lad, I still remember queuing up in my favorite adult shop across the street just to get a glimpse, rent, or buy the newest fad in the adult biz. It was not all glitters, though, because I still subtly remember the store running out of copies or me coming at a bad time when these random guys were hoarding all the good movies to themselves and I’d end up with a copy of the cheesiest porno flick ever. I also recall renting a DVD and never returning it on time, thus I had to pay a penalty fee for every DVD I did not return on the said date. Point is, before all this internet craze, there were other ways to purchase, watch, and rent your favorite porno movies.

Sure, it may not have been as convenient as what we have in this generation but it still was pretty good and I am not ashamed to admit that I do miss the simplicity of that era when lining up was actually enjoyable and quite exciting. Well, if you seem to miss that whole idea, you will definitely enjoy your time in SugarInstant. It seems to be a porn site where you can buy, rent, and pay per view with their multitude of line ups. In other words, it resembles, feels, and sounds like a DVD porn shop, except that it is online and really techie. Hey, with the major absence of physical porn shops, I am not even complaining; it feels like a new era has finally dawned upon us and we just need to enjoy every moment of it. SugarInstant was once called Sugar DVD and they bring a huge amount of porn flicks on the internet.

Site Content

SugarInstant has loads of features to take into account. First of all, you get a ten-day membership for free that rebills, if allowed to, monthly and for quite a cheap price. When I say cheap, I am not exaggerating because it really is cheap. With that membership, you can do a lot of things in here. Second, the site design is very simple and user-friendly; just as their user interface is. The navigation here is well made and properly thought of, making it easy for members like me and you to navigate to. The site layout is neatly arranged for optimum efficiency in utilizing all the given features. I like how they stuck to neutrals and simplicity because it makes you concentrate on the content they actually give out.

Now, things here do not work like the usual porn sites you are accustomed to. Before anything else, making an account is a must, because that is what you will be using to download and watch the full-length movies. Yes, full length and they are mighty exclusive to just this site. Since the site works as a DVD rental and porn shop, expect the same thing you will encounter in a legit one. Meaning, your account will allow you to do different things like renting, paying per view, or downloading. You can also pay to own, which means owning a physical copy of the entire thing. There are a variety of options to choose from, so go ahead and check that one out. In addition, links are found on top of the site and they are self-explanatory.

You have the home page button labeled ‘Unlimited’, a link to their scheduled live cam shows, their VR’s, their DVD rentals, their ‘Pay Per View’, a link to a page where they showcase their newly uploaded DVD’s, a link to your very own account, and a link to your shopping cart where you can place the movies you would like to buy or rent. You can rate every DVD from 1 star to 5 stars and you can actually drop in your very own comment or reviews for others to read. Under each DVD is a short summary and synopsis of what you are about to watch along with the running time, and the name of the porn stars present here. There are so many things you are able to do here and every single time I browse through their works, I feel this breeze of nostalgia hitting me.

Actresses & Video Quality

There are a lot of porn stars in here but then again, that is completely understandable because the site hosts almost 5000 DVD’s stemming from different studios. Despite the variety of studios that make up this gargantuan porn site, all the things here are strictly exclusive and nothing more. The porn stars are composed of both well-known chicks and amateur ones who seem new to the scene. Not to worry though, because all the content here is equally just as hardcore as you think it is. All the movies last for up to 120 minutes each, sometimes even more.

Majority of the movies are also in high definition and can either be rented, paid per minute, paid to own, or downloaded. Take note that streaming is the only you get for free with your SugarInstant account. If you wish to rent, own a physical copy of, or download each scene, you will need to pay the fee just like any other DVD shop. Truthfully, I love the idea of how they incorporate a lot of choices in here. Also, the prices are greatly cheap and totally worth it. Also, there is no download limit and everything here is pretty simple to understand.

In Few Words

If you want to feel some bitter-sweet nostalgia, then this porn site is the one and only for you. Not only does it incorporate something we are all vaguely familiar with, it also gives us the chance to watch legit porn flicks that are worth the 120 minutes of our time. SugarInstant is something you should be spending all your time with.

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