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What is a depot? Well, a quick search of the word online would return this definition: it is a storage place for a huge amount of anything. It can be equipment, food, and others. If only there was a depot where you will be able to find the freshest chicks in the porn industry, wouldn’t that be great? Well, what if we tell you that there really is one. And we are not talking about just any type of porn site. We know that you might be thinking right now “hey, porn sites are storage places of porn videos, we already know that!”, but what if we tell you that we have found a porn site that is definitely a depot, so much so that it is named as such! We are talking about the porn site, TeenDepot. And true to its name, it is really a great place to find a massive library of the freshest chicks in porn today. Aside from that, we are also pleased to share with you that TeenDepot is actually a network of porn sites where you will find other sites, only this time, each dedicated to one of their pornstars. This means that their newest stars will be more or less featured in the main site TeenDepot, and then later on, if they become quite popular and successful, TeenDepot will then grant them a porn site of their own. This gives their stars a chance to grow, which we really appreciate because, in this way, they are motivated to work hard on their videos more which also give us better quality. And as if that is already a bonus, it still comes with more because TeenDepot is also affiliated with two other mega networks, TeenDreams and LesArchive, each having thousands of content guaranteeing hundreds of hours of watching non-stop unlimited porn featuring the freshest chicks and hottest lesbian ladies around. Now if you are already thinking of signing up (because who wouldn’t be with all these perks?), then let us help you out with that by sharing the different membership options.

Site Content

Remember when we said above that they really put much value on their pornstars and models? Well, this factor also shows up on how they designed their website as well. We really appreciate the fact that they have maximized their options to give their pornstars as much exposure as possible. It is a bit unfortunate though that only a few porn sites do this. If all porn sites would feature their pornstars more, then there would definitely more famous porn stars for us! Moving on, the first thing that you are going to see in the site once you have landed on the homepage is its welcome banner. It is a sliding banner and in its slides are the latest porn sites of their most popular models. Scrolling down, you will then get to see the different thumbnails of their featured videos. But again, staying true to its theme, the images that you are going to see on the thumbnails along with the titles of the videos, all of them take their models on focus. There is no doubt why their models become quite popular. The reason is because the porn site also works hard on it. But of course, let us not be mistaken. They provide appropriate focus on the quality of their videos as well. All of them are creative, and they provide the needed motivation in the story for the characters in the video to act the way they are acting, and more so, all of them were shot using the latest equipment as well creating full high definition videos every single time.

Actresses & Video Quality

In fact, their models are very much featured that we don’t need to talk about them much further. Let us touch on a couple of observations, though. The porn site, TeenDepot, did not really focus on a certain type of girl or nationality. So you want a big-assed girl or a big-boobed girl? No problem. You will surely find one here. However, we noticed that most of the girls here are Western and we haven’t seen any Asian chick featured on the first couple of pages of the porn site at the moment that we have checked. So probably that is a void that the porn site would like to look into in the future: to feature more Asian chicks (especially if they already have some in the network). That would also give a big help to the Asian scene where we see a lot of cute and fresh Asian pornstars but not much porn sites solely dedicated to their most popular ones. Also, we have noticed that they have paired the ones that are known to provide good lesbian scenes, which is a huge help for us, viewers because it makes their videos easier to find. And once we have found a partnership that suits our tastes best, we can watch their videos and give them a good rating, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll get a site of their own as well.

In Few Words

To end this review, we would like to take this chance to say that from the viewing public, thank you TeenDepot for being an active website of laying the ground for a more varied porn scene, because we all know that the porn industry really needs some fresh chicks to develop more, instead of focusing on the veterans who are mostly close to their retirement. Also, working with other porn networks is a huge help as well, not only does it give us additional membership perks, but it also gives us more insight on what is happening in the industry.

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