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The TitanMen is an established resource for hardcore porn. It’s just as the site claims: you get here hard muscles and hard cocks in the videos, which feature really hot gay professionals. This website offers you the videos of the Titan Media, which is one of the oldest gay porn factories. The TitanMen promises weekly updates, HD videos and download options, all just to make it possible for you to spend some quality time with watching hardcore porn. These promises are easy to make, but our TitanMen review will tell you whether they are met or not.

This website of the Titan Media launched in 2013. For only a three years old portal, it has a quite significant collection of more than 210 DVDs’ content, summing up in 1700+ scenes, at an average length of 15 minutes. As a member of the TitanMen, you practically gain access to almost all movies of this studio, and with the weekly updates, they will keep you interested for the long-run too. The series itself is quite old, but you won’t find the videos of the VHS era added to this collection. Apart from the Titan Media’s productions, you can enjoy professional content of other studios too: the site arranged content-sharing agreement with the Raging Stallion and a few other studios, and this means an additional 100 DVDs’ content to enjoy too.

Site Content

The webmasters of the TitanMen just recently changed the design and the layout of the site, making it into a modern, and friendly portal. To be honest, we were really surprised when we started testing the site’s features, because the tour is much richer than we expected. Apart from the big photos listed on the home page, you can actually preview the videos: a large player opens on the videos’ page, and it starts playing immediately. These previews are 1-5 minutes long, so it’s a surprisingly exhausting tour. When you feel you saw enough, you should join up, and see what you can find in the members’ area. The layout of the inner page is really simple: the videos are listed in three rows, and the main menu is on the top. There is a menu option where you can select categories, and the search page is also available, so narrowing down the list’s size won’t be a problem. You can also browse the content by DVDs. From the menu, you can go to the TitanLive, the cam show area of the network.

Every video you can find on the TitanMen is offered in Mp4 format. You can play them in a streaming video player, which offers different quality settings to set the player accordingly to your needs and capabilities. The videos are responsive, so they fit the dimensions of the computer’s resolution and the browser window’s. The most recent flicks offer six different resolutions, with two HD versions among them, you may have to test which one runs better on your machine. In fact, this streaming is one of the best we’ve encountered recently. For downloading, the site also grants you MP4 files. The newest ones reach 1080p resolution, while the older ones are maximizing at a quality of 480p. There is a monthly download limit: you can save 20 movies per calendar month. Streaming is unlimited, and with this fine technology, it’s a really good alternative. There are good and some average quality photos too. The good quality shots are actual photos, and they are at 1080p, while the vidcaps are at the best resolution of the video they are taken from. Every photo gallery you can download offers a fix 900×1600 resolution, so it’s quite a good choice too, zipped galleries are what we are talking about.

Actors & Video Quality

The TitanMen features really hot, muscular models, and it’s not uncommon that these lads are hairy ones. To be honest, we loved these hairy models, because nowadays the mainstream porn features only guys who are shaved everywhere and apart from their hair on their head they don’t have any hair at other places. This also makes the site into a paradise for hair fetishists. Those who want to do business with the TitanMen have to have a body of a titan: large muscles, chiseled body and a big, rock-hard cock. It’s a way to make sure that only the best appear in these scenes. In the TitanMenFresh however, you can find fresh lads too, while the majority of the guys here are in the 25-40 years range.

The action is quite intense in these well-written and carefully done movies. The guys are doing it everywhere, like garages, washrooms, offices, gyms or locker rooms. Many scenes are taking place outside, and not just beaches and gardens. To fit the fantasies and the story of the movie, apart from the plain hardcore sex, there are some costumes and roleplaying too, which lifts the level of excitement the site offers. This is mostly a mainstream collection with not much bareback sex, but you can enjoy a really fine selection of videos from the darker side too: BDSM, and rough sex are also featured.

In Few Words

We enjoyed the time we spent on the TitanMen. This industry is really competitive, and this site is one of the good ones, with active update schedule, amazing guys, and really hot sex. For mainstream, but a bit kinky gay porn you don’t have to look elsewhere, the TitanMen have it for you. With its own collection is a recommended site, but when considering the bonuses, it moves into the must-try category.

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