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Toto is a Spanish word referring to pussy. The site’s title borrows its name from toto or ‘tight pussy’ in Spanish. Shimmy the captain here must have fallen in love with the name. The website is just the type that I love. That means it a unique platform and you are not going to see any of its kind that easily.

Site Content

Toticos site is pretty fascinating making it unique when compared to other sites within its niche. The navigation is relatively easy. I did notice that all the content is on one page, and it is easier to tell apart the image sets and vids galleries. This is a huge page comprising texts and thumbnails, which are very huge. Apart from the awesomeness the site entails, is comprises a simple but operational layout rendering browsing a walk on the beach. The engineers have definitely utilized the space offered optimally without making it appear clumsy. The website presentation as well as layout of Toticos are good, rendering the porn experience that much more delightful. The movies come in a MP4 format and are available only for streaming. There are numerous texts with keywords that acts like links to outside websites, ad banners as well as well-arranged screenshots to beautify stuff. Surfing on the site is very easy and due to the fact that is responsive to mobile phone, one can even have it from your home to the streets with ease. Below the textual limits, which constitutes the two latest uploads are slighter details regarding the other two updates. Below there are every individual flash stream in series, and lastly below that is a catalog of tabs assembling the download sets.

Actresses & Video Quality

Where should I begin? This site kills it. The realism, as well as the multiracial scenes renders it untouchable by those self-proclaimed giant porn sites. Toticos is an actual ‘reality’ platform. Shimmy assures all the users that the site accepts no bullshit whatsoever. There are no professionals or scripted sets. The website features the wild escapades a gang of hunks, mainly hung black dudes, have on the sea shore of Dominican Republican. The scenes are as much concerning the intermingling as well as spending time with the models as they are close to having his nuts off. These beauties are sexy amateurs who have pretty attractive bodies and I do not think the hotties are easy to get elsewhere. I figured out that there is only a bunch of 11 clips and 16 image galleries. The website entails only pretty Dominican gals. They are hunted down from the streets, from the beaches, bars, and even your typical grocery store. You will find out how the gals can be very amusing. Also, the fuckers have that sense of humor and the chicks seem to play along very well. Moving forward, you will get to view scenes with massive fucking, blowjobs, and cumshots. The flash clips come in the highest resolution of 1060 X 600. Moreover, the sensual action itself is sizzling. Hence, if are an amateur productions aficionado, you are already home away from home.

In Few Words

Folks who acknowledge real amateur adult content that surpasses the sex itself should be curious regarding Toticos. The site has some sensual exclusive sets feature very beautiful models. You cannot imagine that the gals are actually street pick-ups. I am certainly in love with the Dominican bitches.

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