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The porn funs with a fetish for gay sex have been well attended on this UK site. UK Scally Lads is an exclusive content site that seeks to provide viewers with a varied range of content. The site sports all qualities of a modern site; complete with a pile of content and, more importantly, high-quality videos in HD and high-resolution photos.

Site Content

The site is presented in simple romantic colors, and a well-organized layout. I was able to sift through categories and browse across the various pages with relative ease. Although there is no search tool available, there are sufficient alternatives that make it possible for you to access what you want without much struggle. One such tool provided for users is the drop down menu that highlights the content and services offered on the gay porn site. Additionally, there are live tags on the list of captions provided on the landing page. Users are taken straight to the heart of action when they click on the thumbnail tags. The navigation is also seamless on both mobile and PC. Click speed is commendable as I didn’t experience any glitches when loading content, pages or streaming. I particularly loved the streaming experience. I was also able to access the various categories available right from my mobile phone as I sat stuck in New York traffic. There are neither bonuses offers nor live cam shows. I guess the exclusivity has to be kept at that. I suspect there is no comparable content on other sites, and if there is, it is also just as exclusive. It is encouraging that the files are available for download in MP4 and WMV formats.

Actors & Video Quality

I have to warn you that if you are looking to hear about real girls in the conventional way, they aren’t here. However, there is a different class of “girls”: the feminine dudes. The scenes are crisp and crystal clear. The dudes display their male prowess in the form of huge and medium sized cocks which they often put to good use as they insert them into the dark rounded asses of the feminine males. I love the flirting and the eventual fucking that happens in its variety on this site. I had never seen dudes kiss each other with so much passion. The blowjob section provided me with a chance to see how the men blowjob each other to ecstasy. The dudes enjoy the man-milk and suck it with great appetite. I got to watch gay sex orgies in varied locations. I love the muscles of the men too. I bet these dudes would be just as appreciated by girls as they are by their fellow men. Yet I think they reciprocate the appreciation from their kind with much more glee and sensual excitement. The scenes feature very few conversations. The only moments you are likely to hear sounds is when the straight dudes are being led to bed and when the dudes are finally touching the peak of their sexual pleasure as they savor the orgasms with loud and deep sounds of satisfaction almost involuntarily. Most of the action revolves around anal sex, rimming, blow jobbing and kissing. There is also a significant amount of content that features foreplay scenes between more experienced looking dudes with apparently straight dudes. Most of the scenes are preceded by detailed descriptions of what ensues in the sexual encounters. I was also treated to many group sex sessions in which the dudes suck at each others dicks as they corporately assist each other in getting giant cocks into the ass holes of the female dudes. I was turned on by the way the men being fucked act feminine and submit to the power of thrust from the more assertive dominant males. There are 221 scenes presented in HD. An equal number of galleries are available for users who wish to tone down the action a little. Each video scene has a playback time of 19 minutes while the galleries contain 170 pics each. The photos are also top of the range pics presented in high resolution.

In Few Words

The site presents sufficient exclusive content for gay funs. There is variety and quality combined into one. They update their content once a week and provide an option for downloading to a zip file.

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