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The VoyeurBank is a site where you can enjoy a compilation of softcore and hardcore porn videos, captured in a really hot and totally nasty way. The site claims that these are real hidden camera recordings, and we tend to believe it. These unsuspecting girls are totally hot, and the sex in the hardcore scenes is also very juicy. The site is not a standalone one, and if you get a 2 Days pass, and you decide to stay on the site, you gain a full access to 13 bonus sites. These sites may not offer more voyeur porn, but they do grant you access to fetishes and a few kinky things.

Site Content

The VoyeurBank has a pretty neat tour page. It has a lot of texts on it, mostly the promotional and teasing stuff. The main attraction however is the compilation of pictures that are placed throughout the page. When you start browsing, you will see a larger area, probably serving as a heading, and it’s followed by the list of updates. Now, the tour itself is a bit tricky, because you can’t watch the trailers online; you need to download them. There are two pages of this list that you can view. The inner section has a weird design, but you will get used to it. The menu is located right at the top of the page.

The most important options for you will probably be the Updates, Photos and the Bonuses. From the Bonuses you can go to the included sites. The Updates section is what you are looking for. The videos are sorted into a few main niches: Upskirt, Beach, Toilet, Locket, Shower, Hardcore and Other. These are the most popular voyeur-porn types, and this is the only sorting option you get here. The videos are offered in one file format only: WMV. You can watch the videos streamed and you may go with the download options. Given the fact that these are possibly real spy-cam footages, they are in really neat quality, and they offer usually a bit better resolution that you may have find on other Voyeur sites. Much interesting, that this site features actual photo sets. It’s a unique feat among the voyeur sites. These photos are not high-res, but they are in good quality and well worth to take a look at. You can save them in zip formats if you want.

Actresses & Video Quality

The Voyeur Bank offers the members voyeur porn, and by the looks of it, the videos seem to be real footages. This also establishes the fact that the girls of this site are all amateurs, and it really looks like they don’t even know that they are being recorded. Now, since the videos have audio too, you may notice that they are talking in foreign languages, and as you may note, they are mostly Europeans. This is a fact that could eventually make any man change his mind, and start browsing this site. Because there are no staged scenes and pornstars, it’s only expectable that you see here some really hot amateurs.

There are girls who look really average, they are the type you marry and then fuck when you both have the time. And then there are the fresh girls, the girlfriend-types who you wouldn’t marry, but spend every free hour in their pussy. As you watch these videos, you will see some nice tits, from the perky playful things to the big natural busty stuffs. This is true for the girls’ ass; there will be flat girls and well-curved chicks with round bouncing buttocks. The videos on the VoyeurBank are really varied. It’s a kind of expected here, because most of there are so many occasions when you can sneak-peek and play the voyeur. The first that usually comes in mind is the hardcore voyeur porn. This type features a couple, who are doing the really nasty, and while they are at it, they don’t notice that they are being recorded by the third person, the voyeur. These videos are the real deal in amateur porn, because they don’t try to do it perfectly, and thus it’s much more honest than the home-porn shot by couples.

Another very hot topic of the voyeur sites are the shower footages. It’s a hard niche to cover, because it’s not easy to install a spy-cam in a shower so it could capture the girls, and also stay away from the water. Luckily, the guy behind the VoyeurBank managed to do so, and some pretty hot shower-room nudity waits for you inside. There are some juicier things captured too, and those who have a pissing-fetish will enjoy the videos where the girls pee in public places, without having any idea that they are filmed. Among the collection of the site, you can enjoy a large number of other hot voyeur-niches. One of the most popular ones is the locker-room and changing booth recordings. These are really hot things, because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your room to really sneak and peek after girls. A special type of footages is those that were captured at a clinic, and though the doctors are just doing their job, the videos will make you feel like you were a dirty scum.

In Few Words

The VoyeurBank is a neat compilation of hardcore and softcore porn. This cute, yet really nasty website offers the visitors a large collection of videos, covering a wide range of niches. If you have bit of perversion in you, it’s quite certain that you will like the videos of the site. Apart from the arousing videos of the site, you also receive some bonuses. If you stay for more than three days as a member, you will get full access to the network of other kinky sites, all for the price of one.

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