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Shemale porn lovers have been starved of variety for a long time. In fact, many shemale porn websites have been featuring transsexuals from the Latin world and Brazil. Well, I guess some things are now changing. It feels great to check out a dedicated porn site that delves in the antics of a tranny porn star like Wendy Summers. This is the home of titillating shows from this attractive and sexy hot redhead. She is captured in various costumes as she titillates you with her expert seductive stunts. The videos on Wendy Summers are great flicks that you will want to repeat watching over and over.

Site Content

Wendy Summers is wrapped in a rare combination of grey, white and blue combinations. The home page welcomes you with an introduction of Wendy Summers herself with detailed descriptions of what she does and what she aspires to do. There are several captions of the tranny star captured in various scenes as she pursues a variety of sexual pleasures. You also have a search tool that allows you to check out specific items of entertainment by typing in chosen key words. Navigation is quite fluid and seamless on Wendy Summers. Users are also allowed to stream videos in a variety of formats including Silverlight. I was impressed with the Silverlight Player that allowed me to easily play and pause the flicks at my convenience. The fact that the platform is tweaked for access by mobile devices is a great thing. You can watch the content on iPad too. There are no bonus sites in view but you are provided with some bonus videos under the extras that include free blogs for sharing comments about the site, a twitter segment and a live feeds section.

Actresses & Video Quality

Wendy Summers is the principal character on the platform. She is a gorgeous beauty with a zeal for a variety of sex entertainment. She dons different costumes in her solo displays. She is captured in masturbation sessions as she shows you what she is really has under her skin; as she remarks in one of her descriptions. She turns and twists with sex toys in her hand. She gasps for breath even as she sinks tools deep in her own ass and eventually explodes into a roaring orgasm that ends in her winking at you with a naughty sneaky smile. Some scenes feature Wendy in smoking hot sex sessions as she rocks her tranny friends even as they give it back to her in equal measure. The sex among trannies is one of the most captivating moments because they seem to understand both worlds. Therefore they know how to turn on the heat on each other. I loved it when Wendy and a couple of other trannies were screwed hard and deep by real muscular men. I admired the way they submissively spread out for the dudes to screw their assholes until they both splashed cum like spray all over the place.

In Few Words

Wendy Summers is a dynamic tranny sex entertainment spot. There is a great variety of sex entertainment presided over by the beauty tranny queen, Wendy Summers. I had an easy browsing experience that made me feel that it is worth your while trying out Wendy Summers.

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