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I’ve been to hundreds and hundreds of porn networks. I may not be able to mention them by name but trust me when I say this. I know almost every porn site there is out there locally and internationally. None of it came close to what I’m about to give a review about today. The website is X-art. I know you’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of hype about it recently. I, for one, ignored it at first but I can’t deny this itch in my mind that keeps nagging me to take a look. If you’ve seen some of their sample videos, you know X-art is a big time business when it comes to porn. But that’s not what makes porn beautiful and thrilling. It’s the fucking itself and how the camera is positioned that makes porn worthwhile, and X-art is a site that is totally devoted in bringing out those two elements together and place the very art of sex on a pedestal. I’ve been bringing down a lot of websites recently but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it with this one. X-art is a site like no other when it comes to production quality and an array of talented porn stars. Almost every porn star that has reached worldwide popularity has become affiliated with X-art. So if you’re asking what’s all the hype is about. Keep reading!

Site Content

Entering the site kind of gave me chills down my spine. Their homepage is filled with pictures and videos of these girls that looks at you directly. And I don’t mean just the average kind of look. It’s as if they really see you through the screen. If you’ve watched porn as much as I did, I know you’ve noticed scams like when you see a thumbnail for the video, the thumbnail looks so high def and promising, but the moment you click it, it only leads you to more scam sites. I know it sucks but not here in x-art. This site sucks even more but in a different way. The video thumbnails of this site will look so convincingly unbelievable, like it’s too good to be true. But trust me. What you see is what you get, and even more! No more disappointments and failed expectations with this site. You’ll be totally overwhelmed with all the awesome stuff you’ll be getting from this site. Another thing you should know about the site is their interactive profile. I’ll explain ‘interactive’ later. Each porn star in their website has their own profile. You’ll get to know them even more. What nationality they are, their age, their attitude and their sizes too. You’ll also find a complete showcase of their videos in their profile so you won’t have to search for these stars in the videos section.

Actresses & Video Quality

You may find this hard to believe. But the porn videos you will be seeing from X-art is a whole new level of porn. It’s like movie directors joining hands with professional porn producers. You’ll notice the crisp quality of the porn videos that would surely stun your eyes. The acting is also perfect. They have really given the porn viewers what they were hungering for. The hardcore, the moans, the close-ups, the camera angles. Every single one of these have been perfected to entertain and blow your mind. Just seeing the girls being fucked to the point where they can’t take it anymore but still continue to ask to be fucked even harder is very nice to watch. The sensations and expressions these beautiful girls show in the videos are totally legit. The videos also number to about nine hundred to one thousand videos. The download limit is unlimited. Another thing to be happy about is that the video can be downloaded into four different sizes and all are HD. Download options include MP4 (8000kb/s, 1920×1080), MP4 (5500kb/s, 1280×720), MP4 (3800kb/s, 960×540), MP4 (20000kb/s, 3840×2160), Flash (1280×720). These sizes can fit your widescreen TV and not lose quality at all. But don’t forget the pictures. The pictures number to over 900 galleries that contains over fifty-five pictures each. Some people may belittle the photos most porn sites offer. But this site begs to differ. Their pictures could get you running to your private place and start humping. You may thing I’m over exaggerating but the pictures are totally and immensely satisfying. You can also download them in zip packages.

In Few Words

I finally understand why this site has gotten quite a hit with the porn fans. I know the site may be a bit old now but it’s content keep getting better and better. If I may judge the video qualities and the content. Both has presented themselves exemplary. The video quality has evenly matched the content. The sex scenes are uniquely produced yet still giving you that feeling you’ve been itching to get when you’re watching a porn video. Imagine those porn videos you really love but the camera’s kind of blurry or the angle is not right. This site gives you the best camera scenes with the best porn sex you’ll ever see. Along with the website’s build up. You’ll see everything has been evenly and successfully amplified to give you the best official porn site. For my verdict, if a moaning ebony girl is a 10, and a fat lady fucking an old guy is a 0, then this would be a fucking sexy Mia Khalif, getting banged so hard that your eyeballs won’t know where’s up or down. You give the numbers. As for my review, that’s all for now! See yah gents!

This site has been closed, but you can find similar content on our best chicks porn sites list.


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